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Executing the ANALYSE/INV Command

The ANALYSE command offers a number of options for its execution:
In default VERIFY mode
the ANALYSE/INV command assumes that the input table has relatively inaccurate identifications and positions of objects as in the case of the output from the SEARCH/INV command. Consequently it will verify the reality of each object and will improve its position. Many objects will be removed from the list and some others will be added.
this verification process will be omitted. In NOVERIFY mode the program assumes that columns with labels X and Y contain precise object x and y coordinates.
Use of preset isophotal radia.
It is also possible to read preset sizes of an isophotal radius (in pixels)from an input table for each object. In order to use this facility one has to set the keyword ISOPHOTR to 1 and ensure that the input table column with isophotal radii has the label :RAD_ISO.
Creating an output table
is activated by giving its name in the command line.

Petra Nass