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On-line reduction options during the night

The context keywords allow to control the parameters of the reduction process. The keywords can be listed together with their current contents by the command SHOW/FEROS and are set with the command SET/FEROS key=[value].

If the keywords are set to new values, they will only affect the automatic on-line DRS for next incoming files. If one of the files already transfered to the IWS (fero[filenum].mt should be reduced again according to the new settings of the keywords, this is easily achieved by re-starting the @@ autoreduce command manually as follows:

@@ autoreduce fero [filenum]

Useful keywords for the observing session might be:

Table M.1: Overview of FEROS commands
Command parameters
SET/FEROS param=value
SAVINIT/FEROS filename accessmode
DEFINE/FEROS inimage intable outtable locval thres locpar
BACKGR/FEROS raw flat centab bgmode bgparam medparam fibmode
RECTIFY/FEROS image straightimage centab profilepar
EXTRACT/FEROS straightimage extimage extpar params ccdpar coptab
FLAT/FEROS inspec flatspec outspec
SEARCH/FEROS spec linepar linepos meth linetype
CALIBRATE/FEROS linetab reftab instpar coefftab centertab getcoeffs
REBIN/FEROS extimage linetab rebimage scale step meth
MERGE/FEROS inimage outimage params method

Table M.2: List of FEROS keywords
Keyword default value description
RAW_IMG/C/1/80 flat2d name of raw image
WLC_IMG/C/1/80 wlc2d name of wlc image
GUESS_TBL/C/1/80 echpos name of guess table
CENTER_TBL/C/1/80 centers name of order position table
LOC_CUTSTEP/I/1/1 10 cut step for order definition
LOC_WINDOW/I/1/1 17 window size for order definition
FIT_DEG/I/1/1 5 order polynomial fit degree
LOC_THRES/R/1/1 0.9 background level in order definition
LOC_MODE/C/1/1 G definition mode; valid values: S,G
LOC_METHOD/C/1/1 R definition method; valid values: R,A
CUTS_IMG/C/1/80 cuts cuts image
FOLD_IMG/C/1/80 fold fold image
TEMPL_IMG/C/1/80 template input template image
TEMPLT_IMG/C/1/80 templatet output template image
FIT_IMG/C/1/80 fitted_img root name if fitted profiles image
MASK_IMG/C/1/80 mask_img root name of masked pixels image
INIT_TBL/C/1/80 init init table
FLAT_IMG/C/1/80 nobg2d name of flatfielded image
FLATEXT_IMG/C/1/80 flatxtrctd name of extracted flatfield image
UNBLAZED_IMG/C/1/80 unblazed name of unblazed image
BG_MODE/C/1/1 B background determination mode; valid values: B,N,S
BG_STEPX/I/1/1 51 step in x for background determination
BG_STEPY/I/1/1 51 step in y for background determination
BG_WIDTHX/I/1/1 21 width in x for background determination
BG_WIDTHY/I/1/1 45 width in y for background determination
BG_MEDIANX/I/1/1 4 median filter size in x
BG_MEDIANY/I/1/1 11 median filter size in y
BG_DIST/I/1/1 50 minimum distance between orders
STRAIGHT_IMG/C/1/80 straightened root name of straightened image
PROFILE_W/I/1/1 15 width of spatial profile
FIBER_OFF1/I/1/1 -9 shift of fiber 1
FIBER_OFF2/I/1/1 9 shift of fiber 2
FIBER_MODE/I/1/1 2 number of fibers
IMG_WRITE/C/1/1 N write additional images
EXT_IMG/C/1/80 extracted root name of extracted image

Table M.3: List of FEROS keywords (continued)
Keyword default value description
SPECTR_TYPE/C/1/1 G spectrograph type; valid values: F,G
EXT_MODE/C/1/1 S extraction mode; valid values: S,O,M
PROFILE_GET/C/1/1 N get spatial profile from spectrum; valid Y,N
EXT_ITER/I/1/1 3 maximum iterations in optimum extraction
CCD_RON/R/1/1 3.5 readout noise of CCD (optimum extraction)
CCD_GAIN/R/1/1 0.66 gain of CCD (optimum extraction)
CCD_THRES/R/1/1 4.0 clipping threshold (optimum extraction)
CCD_ROT/R/1/1 2.4 rotation of CCD
CCD_SHIFT/R/1/1 0.0 shift of CCD in x direction
COEF_COP/C/1/80 cop_coeff root name of cross order profile coefficient table
COEF_WLC/C/1/80 wlc_coeffs root name of wavelength calibration coefficient table
INIT_WLC/C/1/1 C get dispersion coefficients from spectrum; valid values: G,C,W
ORDER_FIRST/I/1/1 25 first order on CCD
ORDER_LAST/I/1/1 63 last order on CCD
LINE_W/I/1/1 5 width of spectral line
LINE_THRES/R/1/1 10000 background level
LINE_POS_TBL/C/1/80 found_lines root name of found line table
LINE_MTD/C/1/80 gauss line search method; valid values: GRA,MAX,MIN,GAUSS
LINE_TYPE/C/1/80 emission line type; valid values: EMIS,ABSORP
LINE_REF_TBL/C/1/80 ThAr50000 name of laboratory wavelength table
ID_ALPHA/R/1/1 0.2 alpha value for line identification
ID_TOL/R/1/1 0.2 tolerance value for line identification
ID_THRES/R/1/1 0.0 intensity threshold for first step of line identification
SPECTR_G/R/1/1 79.0 grating constant (lines/mm)
SPECTR_F/R/1/1 410.0 focal length of camera (mm)
SPECTR_THB/R/1/1 63.4 blaze angle of spectrograph (degrees)
REBIN_IMG/C/1/80 rebinned root name of rebinned spectrum
REBIN_SCL/C/1/1 I scaling of rebinned spectrum (lInear or lOgarithmic)
    valid values: I,O
REBIN_STEP/R/1/1 0.03 wavelength step of rebinned spectrum
REBIN_MTD/C/1/1 S rebinning method; valid values: L,Q,S
MERGE_IMG/C/1/80 merged root name of merged spectrum
    (Associated command MERGE/FEROS)
MERGE_DELTA/R/1/1 1.0 Wav. interval to be skipped (MERGE_MTD=AVERAGE)
MERGE_ORD/I/1/2 0,0 Ord1,Ord2 (MERGE_MTD=NOAPP). 0,0:all orders

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