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9 April 2002

Summary of reduced ISAAC fields Data format
Overview and field layouts Next data release
Notes on Version 0.5 Data Release Data retrieval
Data processing method

This data release includes eight fully reduced VLT/ISAAC fields in J,H,Ks bands covering 50 arcmin2 of the GOODS region in the Chandra Deep Field South (CDFS). These data were obtained as part of the ESO Large Programme LP168.A-0485(A) (PI: C.Cesarsky), and include four ISAAC fields observed in J & Ks bands as part of the ESO programmes 64.O-0643, 66.A-0572 and 68.A-0544 PI-ed by E.Giallongo, who kindly accepted to make part of these data public before the end of the proprietary period. Details of the on-going GOODS program at ESO are given at http://www.eso.org/science/goods/products.html .

Summary of reduced ISAAC fields

A preview of the individual ISAAC (J,H,Ks) fields is available in the following table; for an overview and field layout of this data release as well as other observations of CDFS/GOODS, see below.

Full mosaic
(8 ISAAC fields)
Preview Field Filter Exp(h) ZP(Vega) N_frames

[Mosaic Icon]
Black&white J+H+K

[Mosaic Icon 2]
(J,H,K) color composite

GOODS_09 J 3.50 25.14 105
H 4.00 24.88 120
Ks 5.97 24.22 239
GOODS_10 J 3.40 25.05 68
H 5.03 24.60 151
Ks 5.78 24.09 208
GOODS_11 J 3.20 25.00 64
H 3.93 24.66 118
Ks 7.28 24.27 262
GOODS_14 J 3.50 25.13 105
H 3.87 24.68 116
Ks 6.05 24.31 242
GOODS_15 J 2.20 25.06 44
H 3.97 24.89 119
Ks 7.44 24.10 268
GOODS_16 J 2.95 24.70 59
H 3.97 24.65 119
Ks 7.94 23.64 286
GOODS_20 J 3.47 25.19 104
H 3.90 24.66 117
Ks 5.93 24.24 237
GOODS_21 J 4.20 25.14 126
H 4.80 24.67 144
Ks 5.95 24.20 238

Data in the J and Ks bands highlighted in yellow were obtained as part of programmes PI-ed by E.Giallongo in Periods 64, 66, 68.

Overview and field layouts

The 8 ISAAC fields which are part of this data release are superimposed onto a SOFI image (J+K) (part of a previous EIS data release).
Field layout of the planned ISAAC observations and other GOODS related observations (available or planned).

Each field is shortly named FNN
(e.g., F09 corresponds to GOODS_09).
Click onto the image to see it full size.

Click onto the image to see it full size, with description.

Breakdown of the Observing Blocks:

168.A-0485(A) [Cesarsky],   68.A-0544(A) [Giallongo],   66.A-0572(A),   64.O-0643(B)

Notes on Version 0.5 Data Release

Each field is the coaddition of N_frames images, it is photometrically and astrometrically calibrated and complies with the following Version 0.5 Release requirements:

Data processing method

The ISAAC data have been homogeneously reduced using the EIS pipeline as described in Vandame et al. (astro-ph/0102300). Note that the problem reported in EIS data release pages has been fixed. This has been confirmed by comparing source catalogs extracted from SOFI and ISAAC images reduced by different groups using independent software.

Data format

Each FITS file in the release contains two extensions, the first one is the science frame, the second one is the weight map defined as a variance map (e.g. it should be used with SExtractor using the parameters: -WEIGHT_IMAGE weight_map.fits -WEIGHT_TYPE MAP_WEIGHT).

Note: Filenames of the 24 images retrievable from the archive are related to a time stamp. In order to associate these files to each GOODS field, this file can be used. For example, to rename the orginal filenames to more user friendly names one could use the unix command:

cat list_v05.txt | awk '{print "mv",$1,$2}' |csh

Next data release

Version 1.0 of all ISAAC data obtained until period P72, will be released in March 2004.
(See progress of observations)

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Last update: Mar 24, 2004
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