Tony Mroczkowski's Website

I am an Astronomer / (Sub)Millimeter Instrument Scientist at the European Southern Observatory (ESO), working on ALMA development. Scientifically, I work primarily on observations of galaxy clusters through the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich (SZ) effect. Please see the SSR review.

The AtLAST Design Study is underway! See, for the latest updates and news. A bit less recently, but ACA+ALMA Bullet SZ analysis was a highlight in A&A and on the ALMA Science Portal!

Here are some of the instruments and projects I work on or have worked on:

Here are my Orcid and Google Scholar pages:

Image below shows recent MUSTANG-2 imaging of MS0735.6+7421, the poster-child for AGN feedback in clusters, versus Chandra X-ray imaging. See the letter by Orlowski-Scherer et al. Image courtesy Luca Di Mascolo.