My name is Andra Stroe and, since October 2015, I am ESO Fellow at ESO Garching. I work on multi-wavelength, multi-method analyses of galaxies, AGN and galaxy clusters.
I use radio data (WSRT, GMRT, JVLA, and LOFAR), optical imaging and spectroscopy (VLT, WHT, INT, Subaru, Keck) and modelling to study the interaction between disturbed cluster environments, the intracluster medium and the galaxies. I also study the evolution of galaxies and AGN also from the perspective of cosmic evolution, with a perspective towards high redshift clusters and protoclusters.
I completed my PhD at Leiden Observatory, where I was part of Prof Huub Rottgering's group.
I obtained my Master's degree at University of Cambridge, UK. I wrote my thesis within the Institute of Astronomy, where I was supervised by Dr Manda Banerji.
I completed my undergraduate degrees in Physics and Earth and Space Sciences at Jacobs University in Germany, under the guidance of Prof Marcus Brüggen (now in Hamburg) and Prof Joachim Vogt.
I was born in Constanta, Romania, which means I lived in four different countries till now.