Conditions for the use of OYSTER

The software is provided to you free of charge for academic and/or non-profit research purposes only. It is provided on an "as is" basis without any obligations on the author's part to maintain, support, update, enhance, or modify it. The software comes without warranty of any kind, and the author is not responsible for any adverse consequences resulting from its use. No assurance of suitability for any purpose is implied by its availability for copying.

Four main C code subroutine libraries used by OYSTER and included in the shared 64-bit library are the intellectual property of others. These are the Naval Observatory Vector Astrometry Subroutines (NOVAS), the Hierarchical Data System by STARLINK (HDS), the Flexible Image Transport System I/O package by the High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center (FITSIO), the WD Binary Star Programs LCDC2015 by Robert Wilson (LCDC2015), and the Roche code for rotating stars by Deane Peterson (Roche).

The OYSTER IDL code library also contains the The IDL Astronomy User's Library compiled by Wayne Landsman, and the OI-DATA IDL Utilities written by J. Monnier with minor modifications for the use with OYSTER by the author.

Starting with Version 8, OYSTER script code can be run under GDL 0.9.9. Please run command make -f Makefile.gdl to install.

Downloading OYSTER

The complete OYSTER installation is contained in the three files below. Please contact the author to activate the links below. Use of OYSTER implies scientific collaboration due to code maintenance and verification. The IDL script code is regularly updated and can be downloaded with the link below in order to upgrade to the most recent version. This will also update a few miscellaneous other files, most notably the Earth rotation database. Place the archive file in the OYSTER root directory and unpack it there using "tar zxvf update.tar.gz ". Then run make -f Makefile.idl. You must use the tcsh shell to run the scripts.

First time installation

For further information, please refer to the User Manual in the document directory (oyster/docs).

Download data for Michelson Summer School

Save the archive file (below) in the oyster/lab directory (within the OYSTER root directory) and unpack it there. The data files will be placed in a folder called data.
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