Getting started (for OIFITS users)

OYSTER provides easy-to-use tools to read an OIFITS data file and fit parameters of a model to the data. As an example, download the data set on Arcturus and start OYSTER.

Read the data using the get_oifits procedure, e.g. get_oifits,'arcturus.1.52mu.oifits'.

Create a file arcturus.model with the following contents:

starid          ='HDN124897'
wavelengths	=[1.6,2.2]
name(0)         ='A'
type(0)         =1
diameter(0)     =20.3
teff(0)         =4300.
logg(0)         =2.6
Use readmodel,'arcurus.model' to have OYSTER read this file. Then type calcmodel to compute the model visibilities. In order to plot the results, select in the main GUI the Plot|Interferometry|UV Data menu. Make the following selections as shown here. The GUI on the right is created once you select a plot variable, e.g. VisSq, which requires further specification of which indices to plot.

Selecting Pl/E|Screen from the main plot GUI produces the following plot.

To fit the diameter to the data, use the Model|FIT menu from the main OYSTER GUI and click on Diameter and then Fit. Click on the A button to list the current model parameters.

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