Hierarchical editing takes into account that certain data cannot be valid if other data types on which they depend are not valid either. For example, the visibility data on a baseline involving a station/delay line which has been flagged as bad during a certain time interval must be flagged too. Here is an (incomplete) list of dependencies.

Variabledependent variables
Time"All other"
DelayFDL delay jitter and visibilities, triple products with that station
NAT count ratevisibilities, triple products with that station
(Spectrometer channel) Photon (count) ratevisibilities, triple products using any baseline of that channel
FDL Delay jitter (baseline based)visibilities, triple products using that baseline
Squared visibilitytriple products using that baseline
Triple amplitudeTriple phase
Triple phaseTriple amplitude

So, if one wants to flag all data during a certain time interval, one should plot "Time" versus "Time", which may seem odd at first but the right way to communicate to OYSTER what data needs to be flagged.