OYSTER was created when three collections of scripts written first in PV-WAVE Command Language (PV-WAVE is a trademark of Visual Numerics, Inc.) and then also in the Interactive Data Language (IDL is a trademark of Research Systems Inc.) were merged into one for the purpose of providing a comprehensive data analysis package for the Navy Prototype Optical Interferometer at Lowell (NPOI). The three original collections, CHAMELEON, which reduces a single night of data, AMOEBA, which fits models to the calibrated visibility data of several nights, and STARBASE, which implements a stellar data base and provides catalog access, are described in this User's Guide in separate parts. Also introduced is a new collection of scripts, COBRA, which provides functions for the interactive analysis of raw interferometry data and PEARL, which images interferometric data.

The name OYSTER was derived from OISDR (Optical Interferometer Script Data Reduction).