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Starting up

You invoke $\cal OYST\!ER $at the UNIX prompt by typing (the actual path may be different on your system):

idl /home/chummel/oyster/oyster


gdl /home/chummel/oyster/oyster

Provided IDL (version 5.0 or higher) or GDL (version 0.9.3 or higher) is installed, the language will start up and read and execute the commands in oyster/ This procedure file will first determine the location of the oyster, atmospheres, and catalogs home directories, then load the compiled procedures in oyster.cpr, set the common blocks and call the procedure setup_oyster to finish the setup. At this point, $\cal OYST\!ER $procedures and functions are ready to use at the command line or through invoking the main widget by typing oyster. If you are using remote login without the capability of displaying windows, edit the file to include the /notv option. Type quit to exit $\cal OYST\!ER $.

If this is the first time you run $\cal OYST\!ER $, run the commands limbdata and kurudata,'ip00k2.pck19' to create files in the atmospheres directory necessary for using model atmospheres.

Christian Hummel 2017-06-29