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Calibration of visibility amplitudes and closure phases

CALIBRATEVISIBILITY: Select PLOT, and flag first the channels $21-32$ since their SNR is usually very low (if you observed with the 3-way system; the 6-way system has only 16 channels). To do this, plot VisSq vs channel, selecting all channels and the All-in-1 option. Then, for calibration, look at the data from the calibrator stars (select them using the information in the StarForm), then select CALIBRATE to display the calibration widget. Make sure the star selection in the plot widget is set to the stars to which you want the calibration be applied before solving for a set of calibration coefficients. The calibration will be applied to the data automatically. Save the calibration table (entries) if you expect to restart $\cal OYST\!ER $and want to redo some of the calibrations. For more information on calibration, see section 18.5.

Christian Hummel 2017-06-29