Open a data file

Data files for CHAMELEON are in the HDS format. The FILEOPEN button opens HDS files for read-only access. (Note that when writing files using widget commands, any file currently open will be closed and then the output file is opened in UPDATE mode. It will be closed after writing has finished.) The file selection menu will be displayed with an initial filter for files having extension .c??. CONSTRICTOR data files have extension .con, CHAMELEON output data files extension .cha. Only one data file can be open at a time; to close a data file, use the FILECLOSE button. The CLRST button is used to clear the HDS status to zero if an HDS error occurred. This button will also close the file.

FILE $\vert$
OPEN Open HDS file for read-only access
CLOSE Close HDS file
CLRST Close file and clear HDS status