Browse through an HDS file

Since an HDS-file is a binary file, no editor can be used to look at it or extract data. Special HDS-routines have to be used instead to access an HDS-file. CHAMELEON provides a set of procedures which are `wrappers' for C-functions (contained in hds.c) which themselves call the appropriate HDS-functions. These procedures have names identical to the HDS routines, and are simple to use at the command level. Please refer to appendix A for a list of these procedures.

ACCESSTREE prints the HDS-file directory to the screen recursively starting at the current level. Click on the terminal window and hit a key to get the next page until the message Listing complete. is displayed. Note that for array objects, the procedure will descend only through the first array element!

ACCESSBROWSE allows you to navigate through an HDS-file and obtain information about the components in an object. At any level, you can jump up several levels just by closing a parent widget or clicking on an object displayed in a parent widget. ACCESSBROWSE always starts at the current level. You have to close the top-level browse widget before you can click on ACCESS again.

ACCESS $\vert$
TREE Print a `directory' of an HDS file to screen
BROWSE Expand different levels in an HDS file