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Engineering procedures

fakescans,stations$<$_char$>$,starids$<$_char$>$ [,dutycycle=dutycycle]

Simulate scan data for a full observation (scan every hour while the star is up) with NPOI using the stations given in the input character array.
Example: fakescans,['N00','N05','N10','W06','W08','W10'],'FKV0621' If stars are not specified, the startable will be used instead. Date and SystemID will default to the current date and NPOI, unless set manually. The dutycycle specifies the interval (in hours) between successive observations of the same star.
Propagate the stellar flux through the atmosphere and NPOI, and return the predicted count rate for every NPOI channel. Configuration must be loaded.

Christian Hummel 2009-10-20