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Plotting and editing

We describe here all $\cal OYST\!ER $plotting and editing procedures. For calibrated visibility data, as well as other data from e.g. astrometry, the user will select plotting menus from the so-called AMOEBA (lower) section of the main $\cal OYST\!ER $GUI. While AMOEBA is described later on in a dedicated part of this manual, it is the general data analysis (as compared to reduction) facility of $\cal OYST\!ER $. The following plot menu is available.

PLOT $\vert$
INTERFEROMETRY Plot visibility data
ASTROMETRY Plot $\rho/\theta$ data
SPECTROSCOPY Plot radial velocity data
PHOTOMETRY Plot magnitude measurements

Each of the above buttons will display a widget designed for this class of plot. Plotting of interferometry data is handled by the same routines as used in CHAMELEON (see dedicated part on this NPOI data reduction facility).


Christian Hummel 2017-06-29