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Fringe delays

fdldelay(baseline[,spectrometer, /scan])

Function. Return residual FDL delay for specified baseline. The baseline parameter can either be a string variable (e.g. 'AW0-AE0'), or an integer in conjuction with the spectrometer number specifiying an entry in GenConfig.BaselineId. The scan keyword specifies whether or not all records belonging to the scan will be returned. If not, then only the records associated with the currently loaded bincount data (if any) will be returned. The default is scan=1.

visdft(v, l, d)

Function. Return complex Fourier transform of visibility with respect to wavenumber, computed at delay values d. l are the channel wavelengths in the same units as d.
groupdelay(p, l, d)
Function. Return position of peak of amplitude of complex power spectrum $p$.
whitedelay(v, l)
Function. Return white light phase delay for complex visibility $v$. Caution: phases should be unwrapped before!

Christian Hummel 2017-06-29