CHAMELEON file structure

The file format of averaged data is described here. It closely follows the format of the CONSTRICTOR files.

     FORMAT          <_CHAR>                              CONSTRICTOR, CHAMELEON, INCHWORM
     DATE            <_CHAR>                              YYYY-MM-DD (UT date of first data point)
     SYSTEMID        <_CHAR>                              NPOI, Mark_III
     USERID          <_CHAR>                              Login name
     OBSERVERLOG     <_CHAR>                              
     CONSTRICTORLOG  <_CHAR>                              Parameters used to run CONSTRICTOR
          LATITUDE        <_DOUBLE>                        [degrees N] 
          LONGITUDE       <_DOUBLE>                        [degrees E] 
          ALTITUDE        <_DOUBLE>                        [m] 
          EARTHRADIUS     <_DOUBLE>                        [m] 
          J2              <_DOUBLE>                         
          TAI-UTC         <_DOUBLE>                        [s] 
          TDT-TAI         <_DOUBLE>                        [s] 
          INSTRCOHINT     <_DOUBLE>                        Instrumental coherent integration time, [ms] 
          BEAMCOMBINERID  <_INTEGER>                         
          REFSTATION      <_INTEGER>                       Station to which delays are referenced; First = 1 
               NUMSID          <_INTEGER>                    
               SIDEROSTATID   [NumSid] <_INTEGER>              Unique ID 
               BCINPUTID      [NumSid] <_INTEGER>              Which beam combiner input? 
               STARTRACKERID  [NumSid] <_INTEGER>              Unique ID of quadcell 
               STATIONID      [NumSid] <_CHAR*3>               e.g. AW0, E02
               DELAYLINEID    [NumSid] <_INTEGER>               
               STATIONCOORD   [     4][NumSid] <_DOUBLE>       x=east, y=north, z=up, d=delay constant, all in [m]   
               NUMOUTBEAM      <_INTEGER>                    Also the number of spectrometers
               NUMBASELINE    [NumOutBeam] <_INTEGER>            Number of baselines in output for spectrometer
               NUMSPECCHAN    [NumOutBeam] <_INTEGER>            Number of spectral channels for each spectrometer 
               SPECTROMETERID [NumOutBeam] <_CHAR*7>             Unique ID 
               BASELINEID     [MaxNumBaseline][NumOutBeam] <_CHAR*7>     Made up of StationIDs, e.g. AW0-E02 
               WAVELENGTH     [MaxNumSpecChan][NumOutBeam] <_DOUBLE>     [m]     
               WAVELENGTHERR  [MaxNumSpecChan][NumOutBeam] <_DOUBLE>     [m]     
               CHANWIDTH      [MaxNumSpecChan][NumOutBeam] <_DOUBLE>     [m]     
               CHANWIDTHERR   [MaxNumSpecChan][NumOutBeam] <_DOUBLE>     [m]     
               FRINGEMOD      [MaxNumBaseline][NumOutBeam] <_INTEGER>          
               NUMTRIPLE       <_INTEGER>                    
               OUTPUTBEAM     [     3][     1] <_INTEGER>          For each baseline, which output beam is it from?      
               BASELINE       [     3][     1] <_INTEGER>          For each baseline, which baseline in that output beam is it?
               SPECCHAN       [    32][     3][     1] <_INTEGER>  For each baseline, which channel number of these output beams   
               NUMSPECCHAN    [     1] <_INTEGER>                  How many spectral channels in this triple?
     SCANDATA        <TABLE>                              
          NUMSCAN         <_INTEGER>                         
          SCANID         [NumScan] <_INTEGER>                                    Unique observed
          STARID         [NumScan] <_CHAR*7>                                     e.g. BSC1948
          SCANTIME       [NumScan] <_DOUBLE>                                     [s] from 0UT of date
          OUTPUTBEAM     [NumOutBeam] <EXTCOLUMN>                    
               VISSQ          [NumSpecChan(beam)][NumBaseline(beam)][NumScan] <_REAL>     
               VISSQERR       [NumSpecChan(beam)][NumBaseline(beam)][NumScan] <_REAL>     
               VISSQC         [NumSpecChan(beam)][NumBaseline(beam)][NumScan] <_REAL>     
               VISSQCERR      [NumSpecChan(beam)][NumBaseline(beam)][NumScan] <_REAL>     
               DELAYJITTER    [NumBaseline(beam)][NumScan] <_REAL>               [m]        
               DELAYJITTERERR [NumBaseline(beam)][NumScan] <_REAL>               [m]
               PHOTONRATE     [NumSpecChan(beam)][NumScan] <_REAL>               per coherent integration
               PHOTONRATEERR  [NumSpecChan(beam)][NumScan] <_REAL>          
               BACKGNDRATE    [NumSpecChan(beam)][NumScan] <_REAL>               per coherent integration
               BACKGNDERR     [NumSpecChan(beam)][NumScan] <_REAL>          
          TRIPLE         [NumTriple] <EXTCOLUMN>                    
               COMPLTRIPLE    [     2][NumTripleChan(triple)][NumScan] <_REAL>     
               COMPLTRIPLEERR [     2][NumTripleChan(triple)][NumScan] <_REAL>     
               TRIPLEAMP      [NumTripleChan(triple)][NumScan] <_REAL>          
               TRIPLEAMPERR   [NumTripleChan(triple)][NumScan] <_REAL>          
               TRIPLEPHASE    [NumTripleChan(triple)][NumScan] <_REAL>          
               TRIPLEPHASEERR [NumTripleChan(triple)][NumScan] <_REAL>          
               TRIPLEAMPC     [NumTripleChan(triple)][NumScan] <_REAL>          
               TRIPLEAMPCERR  [NumTripleChan(triple)][NumScan] <_REAL>          
               TRIPLEPHASEC   [NumTripleChan(triple)][NumScan] <_REAL>          
               TRIPLEPHASECERR[NumTripleChan(triple)][NumScan] <_REAL>          
          INPUTBEAM      [NumSid] <EXTCOLUMN>                    
               FDLPOS         [NumScan] <_DOUBLE>                                 [m], relative to ReferenceStation
               FDLPOSERR      [NumScan] <_REAL>               
               GRPDELAY       [NumScan] <_DOUBLE>                                 [m], including group delay
               GRPDELAYERR    [NumScan] <_REAL>               
               DRYDELAY       [NumScan] <_DOUBLE>                                 [m], dry air dispersion corrected
               DRYDELAYERR    [NumScan] <_REAL>               
               WETDELAY       [NumScan] <_DOUBLE>                                 [m], wet air dispersion corrected
               WETDELAYERR    [NumScan] <_REAL>               
               NATJITTER      [NumScan] <_REAL>           
               NATJITTERERR   [NumScan] <_REAL>