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One of the libraries of the STARLINK (UK) astronomy software project. These subroutines implement the Hierarchical Data System used for NPOI data files. They can usually be downloaded from the STARLINK web site and therefore do not need to be compiled.

The HDS library, if not appropriate for your system, should be obtained directly from the STARLINK web site,, following links to the Software Store, Subroutine Libraries, and HDS ( Follow the instructions to unpack (sh storeformhdr), paying close attention to the target directories. Then, set environment variables STARLINK and INSTALL to point to the starlink installation directory. In each of the ems, chr, cnf, and hds sub-directories (hds must be processed last!), use the mk command with the targets, in this order, deinstall, clean, build, and then install to compile the .a library files, which are automatically placed in the lib subdirectory of the starlink home.

Christian Hummel 2017-06-29