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Pass band integrations and field of view

As any interferometer, even those with spectrometers, measure the visibilities integrated over band passes of non-negligible widths, $\cal OYST\!ER $computes model visibilities on a grid of wavelengths. The results (visibilities, fluxes) are then integrated over wavelength, whereby special attention needs to be payed to the averaging corresponding to what the instrument actually does.

The grid chosen is usually appropriate for the selected interferometer; if the spectral resolution is high, the grid wavelengths correspond exactly to the channel center wavelengths. The choice of grid is made in function calcmodel, for each spectrometer.

Finally, the photometric field of view is also computed based on the diameters of the telescopes and the seeing during the observation. The seeing values are stored in scans.r0 and default to 1".

Christian Hummel 2017-06-29