Hierachical stellar systems model format

You use Model|READ to read in a model file. The format of the file is discussed in the last figure on this page. Once you did this, Model|LIST will bring up a small widget with a list of buttons corresponding to the individual components of the model, e.g. stars and binaries.

The following figure shows the model file. The individual lines are nothing else but PV-WAVE commands, which are executed by OYSTER upon reading that file. If you have a good knowledge of PV-WAVE CL, you should have no difficulty writing these model files, or modifying them. In a hierarchical stellar system, stellar components can be grouped in binaries of significantly different separations. This makes them dynamically stable. Each star and binary component has a list of parameters associated with it. The idea behind the selection of the parameters was to choose physical parameters over data specific ones, and to make the set constrain the system without redundancy.

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