Claudia Lagos

Who am I?

I am an ESO fellow working in the headquarters of ESO in Garching. I was a former PhD student at the Institute for computational cosmology in Durham University. My broad area of research is galaxy formation and evolution.

What do I do?

I am interested in any aspect of galaxy formation and evolution. My expertise is in modelling of physical processes in galaxies, such as gas accretion onto galaxies, star formation, stellar feedback, gas accretion onto black holes, among other similar mechanisms. I also work with large multi-wavelength surveys of galaxies to study the connection between galaxies and their central super-massive black holes. More details of what I do:

  • Active galactic Nuclei: I am interested in its effects on the galaxy population through mechanical and energy feedback and the relation between host galaxy and black hole properties.
  • Star formation and supernovae feedback: modelling star formation and supernovae feedback in a multi-phase interstellar medium is challeging, but necessary if we want to go a step further in our understanding of galaxy formation. I develope more realistic models of the interstellar medium and dynamical models of supernovae feedback to better understand how these processes affect galaxy evolution.
  • Gas content of galaxies: within the context of multi-phase interstellar medium. Tremendous amount of data is being and will be released describing the gas content of galaxies in its different phases: molecular, atomic, ionised. I develope models to give a theoretical framework to understand the relation between these different gas phases and galaxies.
  • Mock catalogues: I also collaborate in the application of semi-analytic models to study the capacity of instruments such as ASKAP, ALMA, etc.

In the same line, I am also interested in large volume galaxy surveys and the statistical results that can be taken from them. In particular, I have performed statistical studies of the relation between host galaxy and AGN using the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, and currently with the Galaxy and Mass Assembly survey.


I actively collaborate with the theory and observational groups at the Institute for Computational Cosmology in Durham University, the group at International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research in the University of Western Australia, and extragalactic researchers at ESO, among many other scientist around the world.