Southern Observatory


Instrument Control Systems Seminar 2019



11.11 - 14.11.2019







The purpose of the seminar is to provide the instrument developers with an overview of the ELT hardware and software development platform, which will be used for implementing the control of the instruments. It is also an opportunity to present and explain the framework solutions being developed by ESO in the area of instrument control and get immediate feedback from the participants.


Who might be interested in attending the seminar:


Considering the number of speakers and different subjects that will be covered, the level of detail of each talk may vary.


The ELT is still in an early development phase and therefore not complete and subject to changes and updates for what concerns technology and some design choices. Nevertheless we believe that makes sense to have the seminar now for making the developers acquainted with the existing solutions and the ELT plans for the coming years.




The participants will have themselves to care of their travel arrangements and accommodation.

The following hotels, located in Garching, provide easy access to ESO:



For other logistical matters, please contact Svea Teupke ( or Jens Knudstrup (


We have defined an upper ceiling of 80 participants that can attend the seminar.



The agenda can be accessed here.


Information about the Pipeline Seminar on the 15.11.2019, can be accessed here.



The list of participants can be accessed here.