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email: eric.emsellem at eso.org

Date of Birth: July 2, 1967 in Bordeaux (France)
Nationality: French

I was born in Bordeaux, which predestinated me to a strong taste for fermented grape juice. I moved with my family to different places in France, to finally end up in Paris. After my Baccalauréat, and some following Maths and Physics classes in the Quartier Latin , I obtained the right to rest and enjoy life in an engineering school in Lyon. Life then gave me the opportunity to run away from Solid Mechanics to prepare a specialisation in Astronomy at Cornell University (N. Y. state). Since then, I have been hopping from Paris to Lyon (France), to Leiden (The Netherlands) and Munich (Germany). I went back to the capital of Gaule and gastronomy for a job as a (second class) Astronomer in the roaring TIGER team. A few years ago I triggered the evolution towards what is now called the GALPAC team at the Centre de Recherche Astronomique de Lyon. I became full Astronomer in 2006, and since returned to ESO Garching as Head of the Office for Science.

My work has been focused on extragalactic objects, although I remember an infamous time when I dared to study Mars and Neptune. Fortunately for me, this was at the prehistorical time when the eye of the TIGER was still under the influence of mother Evolution. The poor beast became quickly extinct to be replaced by the successful TIGER 1.0 and its descendants (OASIS and SAURON), and I could thus switch to much larger (but still observable) scales.


Mar 2009 - : Head of the Office for Science, ESO Garching ("détaché" from CRAL)
Dec 2006 - Feb 2009: Astronomer at CRAL - Lyon Observatory
Nov 1997 - Nov 2006: Associate Astronomer at CRAL - Lyon Observatory
May 1996 - Oct 1997: Fellow at the European Southern Observatory (ESO, Garching, Germany).
Jan 1994 - Apr 1996: Post-doc in the Leiden Sterrewacht (Leiden, The Netherlands), dir. T. de Zeeuw, EARA fellowship
1990 - 1993: PhD in Astrophysics at the Observatoire de Lyon (France), dir. R. Bacon
"Stellar dynamics of the central regions of galaxies: observations and modelling."
1990: DEA "Astrophysique et Techniques Spatiales" - Meudon, Université Paris VII
Engineering degree of the Ecole Centrale de Lyon (France)
1989 - 1990: Master of Engineering in Applied Physics/Astronomy, dir. S. Beckwith - Cornell University (N. Y., USA)
1987 - 1989: Engineer student in the Ecole Centrale de Lyon (France)
1984 - 1987: Preparatory School in Mathematics (Saint-Louis, Paris)
1984: Baccalauréat C (scientific secondary school degree, Paris)

Present Responsabilities

Past responsabilities

Language : English, German, Dutch (basic).
Computer Experience: UNIX/Linux, C/Fortran, python, Tcl, MIDAS, IRAF, idl


Scuba diving (FFESSM/CMAS Instructor **), Travels, Piano, Photo