Expressions and Impressions:

Expressionism, as opposed to impressionism, is more about the artist than about the subject. It is not an exact representation of reality, it is the impression of reality on the artist's psyche. For me it also marked the end of a quest: in the form of expressionism I found what I was looking for in terms of art and not only.


  1. BulletWorpswede, a picturesque village of 15,000 inhabitants some 30km north of Bremen. Discover Paula Modersohn - Becker (1876 - 1907), Otto Modersohn (1865 - 1943), and Heinrich Vogeler (1872 - 1942), leader of the Worpswede School of artists.

  2. BulletNext stop: Murnau, a beautiful little village in Staffelsee, the home of Gabriele Muenter, Wassily Kandinsky and the expressionist art movement der Blaue Reiter.


  1. BulletFritz Lang's Metropolis

  2. BulletRobert Wiene's Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

  3. BulletFriedrich Wilhelm Murnau's Nosferatu

  4. BulletGerman Expressionism on Wikipedia (you can also try this link)


The Einstein Tower in Potsdam. Oh all right, here's a less astronomical link