10000 BC - neolithic pyramids meet feathery dinosaures

21 - i only saw half of it, does this count?

27 dresses - how romantic ...

Body of lies - look, how can i put it, GOOD GUYS DON'T EXIST, ok?

Burn after reading -

Cassandra's Dream - somebody should tell this guy to stop

Cloverfield - well, at least it is no longer on my "to see" list

Cronicles of Narnia 2 - maintaining something of the magic of the first one

Dante 01 - in an era when nanotechnology can fix genetic anomalies at the chromosom level but cameras are crappy enough to have dead angles

Der Baader Meinhof Komplex

In Bruge - it made me laugh, though i'm not quite sure that was the aim

Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull - appalling

In the name of the king - bof

Irina Palm - dunno, somewhat disappointing

Iron man - sooooooooo bad, ooooooh-ho-ho

Jumper - i would never go to rome with any of the guys i haven't seen since i was 15

Married life - slow, sooooo very slow

Mamma Mia! - brosnan is a lousy singer but the movie is delightful

Meet Bill - it's never too late to take control of your life

Milk - chris said he cried when he saw it; well, i wouldn't go that far

Miss Pettigrew lives for a day - and a funny day it was

Over her dead body - quel horreur!

Passengers - imdb says "horror, thriller" but the only "horror" is the movie itself; let alone that the first scene is so explicit that all the potential "thrill" is gone

Quantum of Solace - since there is nothing good i can say about the movie, i can at least say i wish i look like j. dench when i reach her age

Quarantine - absolute crap (i know i'm repeating myself but it looks like a statement fit for many movies)

Righteous Kill - i think i liked it. i think

Sex and the City - i had never watched the series, and i don't think i'm going to do it now

Spiderwick Cronicles - and another book that magically turned into a movie, only this time the magic didn't work

Stargate Continuum - it made me go back and watch the entire series from the very begining!

The accidental husband - and how to ruin somebody's life (aka happy ending my foot)

The bank job

The curious case of Benjamin Button - other than the make up, it was rather boring

The dark knight - quite a dual (that between bruce wayne and harvey dent); and heath ledger reminded me of jack sparrow

The day the earth stood still - all these bugs, yuck

The happening - shyamalan at his worse (again)

The incredible Hulk - did i dream of it or was this iron man in the last scene?!

Then she found me - 39 and childless ...

The other Boleyn girl - makes you wonder when modern ethical rules were established

The Oxford Murders - this guy definitely looks like an elf

The signal - absolute crap

The X files: I want to believe - believe it or not, it was really bad

Transsiberian - if this woman was less hysteric, there wouldn't be any story

Twilight - i was told teenagers liked it; i'm not a teenager

Valkyrie - not bad at all

Vantage Point - super-hero-happy-ending

Vicky Cristina Barcelona - i'm kinda tired having to play the role of woody's psychoanalyst for all these years

Wanted - what would you do if your name came up?


1408 - are you scared? no. are you scared now?

300 - did spartans really look like this? boy, i was born in the wrong part of the country ...

American Gangster - could have been (much) better

Before the devil knows you're dead - whatever can go wrong will go wrong, including the movie itself

Beowulf - some things you have to do just to tick them off your list

Breach - ok-ish

Charlie Wilson's War - oh please, what is this, some pathetic attempt to justify the unjustifiable?

Death at a funeral - i think i've said it before: i LOVE british cinema

Eastern Promises - viggo tatooed

Flood - i like unrealistic disaster movies

Ghost rider - so, did the devil win in the end?

The Golden Compass - beautiful idea

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - as good as the prisoner of azcaban, peter agrees with me

The hoax - i saw it on the plane, didn't have to pay for it

I am Legend - no, you're crap

I am Omega - whatever

I could never be your woman - completely silly

Juno - unexpectedly good

La vie en rose - such a wasted life

Lions for Lambs - yeah, whatever

Michael Clayton - tried 3 times, never made it to the end

Moliere - parle moi la langue de moliere

National Treasure 2 - one of the same

Next - thumbs up!

No country for old men - and this movie got 4 oscars??

Non pensarci

Pathfinder - i hope he found the path in the end

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 - yet another sequel

Premonition - nice

PS. I love you - pffff

Ratatouille - BRILLIANT!

Saw 4 - what, you expected a comment?

Shoot em up - yes, all of them, actors, director, spectators

Shrek 3 - worse than 2 worse than 1, i just hope there won't be a 4

Stardust - the older she gets the more spectacular she becomes (yes, michelle)

Sunshine - the guy lived for 7 years with no food, no water and no sun lotion

Sweeney Todd - 10!

The Bourne Ultimatum - jesus, i heard there's a fourth one coming

The mist - mist!

There will be blood - raw and barren characters, empty story, and 2 oscars; what's wrong with these people?

Transformers - good robots, bad robots

Zodiac - is it now cult, making movies about sociopaths?


16 blocks - and now that i think of it, i have no memory of it at all

Alatriste - how many books can one fit in a single movie?

An inconvenient truth - populist

A scanner darkly - not impressed

Babel - great movie

Basic Instinct 2 - very basic, indeed

The Black Dahlia - hmm, nice

Cars - yeah, ok

Casino Royal - hehe, "shaken or stirred?" "do i look like i give a damn?"

Children of Men - in greek, potato

Deja vu - is this called "acting"?

Find me guilty - the longest trial ever

The good shepherd - it was a looooong and boooring movie

Ice Age 2 - sometimes repetition is NOT the mother of knowledge

The illusionist - absolutely fantastic

The inside man - two years later, somebody reminded me i saw it but all i remember is that it was ok

Kinky boots - did i mention that i love british cinema?

Lady in the water - alternative

Little children

The libertine - pointless

Miami Vice - the old series was much better

Mission impossible 3 - yeah, quite impossible indeed

Pan's Labyrinth - beautiful colours

Perfume - due to my extra-sensitive nose i could say many things here but i'll just say that i didn't like it

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 - 1 was good, 2 was not, will 3 be?

Poseidon - upside down boat and everybody dressed for the wrong occasion

The prestige - i would have loved it hadn't i seen the illusionist first

The queen - great performance

Scoop - the combination london+johansen worked, why not try it again, eh?

Snakes on a plane - exactly what the title says

Thank you for smoking - did you notice l. di caprio smoking non stop in the departed, btw?

V for Vendetta - i hadn't enjoyed a movie that much in a long while

Volver - another almodovar

X-men: the Last Stand


Aeon Flux - sci-fi, cloning, reincarnation, all in one

Absolute zero - why not renaming it into "absolute nonsense"?

Be cool - and he was

Brokeback Mountain - suffocating

Bewitched - i payed 3,9 euros for it and i still regret it

Charlie and the chocolate factory - burton+depp=unbeatable duo

The Chronicles of Narnia - a beautiful fairy tale

Constantine - something about good and evil? or only evil? i don't remember anymore

The corpse bride - we burried our dead cat in the garden, the edge of his tail was protruding from the ground for a while


Flightplan - a relatively young aviation engineer/mom; fiction?

Habana Blues - beautiful movie, great music

Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire - i don't know if it was meant to be so but the scene with the dragons was hilarious

Ice Harvest

The interpreter - in the world of coincidence

The island

Kingdom of Heaven - much better than i expected

King Kong - the first time in my life i was really tempted to leave in the middle of a movie; and by now you know i'm quite tolerant

Madagascar - nop

March of the Penguins - now that's a hard life

Mr & Mrs Smith - promoting unpunished crime

Match point - a perturbation in an otherwise annoyingly flat allenian universe

Munich - i don't know why but i got annoyed

Must love dogs - rather silly

Sahara - could they please stop producing such horrors?


Sin City - dark, disturbing, beautiful

Sound of thunder - careful where you step

Star Wars: the revenge of the Sith

Syriana - it must have been the bronchitis i suffered at the time, cause i really didn't like it

The matador - i remember seeing it and that's about it

The war of the worlds - h.g. wells stirred in his grave


I, Robot - not sure asimov had something like that in mind

50 first dates - cheesy, yes, but i liked the idea

After the sunset - i like brosnan, what can i say

Alexander - it could have been MUCH worse, so i won't complain

Alien vs. Predator - i don't remember who won in the end

Around the world in 80 days - though jackie chan was a bit of a weird choice

The aviator

The butterfly effect - clever idea, not so clever realisation

Catwoman - miaw


Closer - and exactly why did mattia say the movie reminded him of me??

The day after tomorrow - i don't care about the crappy story, i really enjoyed the movie

Farenheir 9/11 - max required IQ: 43

Finding Neverland - cute

The flight of the Phoenix - if only macgyver was in this flight


The godsend - all it left is a hole in my memory

Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban - like the books, the best of the series

Hotel Rwanda

Kill Bill Vol.2 - ... but then he came up with this one and brought me back in order

Million Dollar Baby - and an unexpected twist

Mindhunters - the fact that its release was postponed for a couple of years should have told me something

The motorcycle diaries

National Treasure

Ocean's 12 - more people, more complications

Open water - stupidity should be punished

The Bourne Supremacy - there was no real need for a second one, was there?

The passion of the Christ

The phantom of the Opera

The polar express - the commercialisation of christmas

Scooby-doo 2 - i plead innocent: jacopo dragged me in there

Secret Window - ok, kind of

Shall we dance -

Shark Tale

Shrek 2 - worse than 1

Sky captain and the world of tomorrow - heroic and nostalgic

The terminal

The village - translated in spanish "el bosque"


21 grams

Calendar girls - i just love british cinema

Cold Creek Manor

The Core - oh dear ...


Finding Nemo - dedicated to the Dories of my life

Freaky Friday


Hollywood Homicide - my only excuse: i saw it on the plane on a transatlantic flight, ok?

House of 1000 corpses

Hulk - green and slimy

Imagining Argentina - good, even though disturbing, movie

Kill Bill Vol. 1 - i nearly changed my mind about tarantino and his movies ...

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: the cradle of life

Master and Commander - very good movie

Matrix Reloaded

The Matrix Revolutions

Monster - disturbing to say the least

Paycheck - loved it

Peter Pan

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl


The italia job - not bad at all actually

The league of extraordinary gentlemen - nice, a bit of a vernes atmosphere i thought

The Triplets of belleville - very weird music


Under the tuscan sun - corny but d. lane was quite amazing in her white dress

X2: X-men United


28 days later - you can think whatever you want, but i liked it

Analyse That

Bowling for Columbine

Catch me if you can - entertaining

Chicago - richard gere was quite a revelation

Collateral Damage

Cube 2: Hypercube

Die another day - nice iceland scenes and madona at her best

Formula 51 - "it is what you want it to be"

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Ice Age - like everybody else, i loved this little thing with his acorn

Killing me softly

Minority Report - i liked it

My Big Fat Greek Wedding - magestic! but only a greek can capture its full depth

One hour photo - why was this a good movie??

Panic Room

The Bourne Identity

The Ring

The time machine

The pianist

Signs - bliah


Star Trek: Nemesis - "A generation's final journey begins"

Star Wars: Attack of the Clones - i really wish this trilogy was never made

Stuart little 2

Unfaithful - there are things you do and things you don't do