Nando Patat: who's that guy?

A short CV

I was born in Udine (Friûl, Italy) in 1966 and I grew up in Artegna (UD). In early 1992 I got the Degree in Astronomy in Padova (Italy), discussing an experimental thesis on the taxonomy of type II Supernovae, under the supervision of prof. R. Barbon and M. Turatto.
In the following year I started the Ph.D. in Astronomy with the Padova SN Group at the Asiago Astrophysical Observatory. In 1994 I got a studentship at ESO-Garching, where I completed the Ph.D. thesis under the supervision of J. Danziger, in collaboration with M. Turatto and E. Cappellaro. The thesis work focussed on SNe 1993J and SN 1994D, at that time one of the best observed Ia's. Other included topics were the recalibration of blue Ia observed in the 70es and SNOoPY, a software I specifically designed and coded for SN photometry. The thesis was discussed in Rome in late 1996. During 1997 I have been teaching Maths in Gemona von Friaul then, suddenly, I went to ESO-Chile, where I was offered a post-doctoral fellowship.
I first worked in the 2.2m team and then I moved to the 3.6m group, where I acted as instrument scientist of EFOSC2. During that period of time I have been quite involved in the study of SN1998bw, probably one of the most striking SN events after SN1987A.
In 1999 I was offered a staff position in the Quality Control Group and I moved back to ESO-Garching, where I was in charge of FORS1 and FORS2. Finally, in 2001 I joined the User Support Group as assistant astronomer, where I currently support the two FORSes, UVES and FLAMES. I am a member of the ESO Faculty as associate astronomer.
I work mainly on optical photometry and spectroscopy of nearby Supernovae of all types. Other interests are Open Clusters, Statistical Data Analysis and Monte Carlo simulations.
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Improbable SN in M51 (courtesy of ANO).

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