Research projects

In this word-cloud you can see the most frequenty used keywords in my first-author publications. My current research focusses in understanding the most luminous phases of galaxy evolution in the early Universe. Here you can find some selected results:

First and Second author Publications

AGNfitter: A Bayesian MCMC Approach to Fitting Spectral Energy Distributions of AGNs
Calistro-Rivera et al. (2016) - ApJ,833,98C
The LOFAR window on star-forming galaxies and AGNs - curved radio SEDs and IR-radio correlation at 0<z<2.5
Calistro-Rivera et al. (2017) - MNRAS.469.3468C
LOFAR-Boötes: properties of high- and low-excitation radio galaxies at 0.5 < z< 2.0
Williams, Calistro-Rivera et al. (2018) - MNRAS, 475, 3429W
Resolving the ISM at the Peak of Cosmic Star Formation with ALMA: The Distribution of CO and Dust Continuum in z ~ 2.5 Submillimeter Galaxies
Calistro-Rivera et al. (2018) - ApJ,863,56C
The Distribution of [CII], CO and Dust Continuum in z ~ 3 Submillimeter Galaxies
Rybak, Calistro-Rivera et al. (2018) - submitted
A multiwavelenght census of growing black-holes in dusty star-forming galaxies
Calistro-Rivera et al. (2018) - in prep

Other publications: 14 refereed and non-refereed. img

Presentations I gave at conferences and seminars

Southern Cross Conference 2014 ’Powerful AGN’
Port Douglas, Australia
Galaxy studies in the mid-infrared - Symposium EWASS15
The infrared-radio correlation - Special Session EWASS15
LOFAR science conference
Leiden, The Netherlands
Cosmic Dawn of Galaxy Formation: Linking observations and theory
Paris, France
AGN: What’s in a name? - ESO workshop <
Garching - Germany
Latinamerican Regional IAU Meeting LARIM
Cartagena - Colombia
Elusive AGN
poster talk
Virginia, USA
SMG20 - Twenty years of Submillimetre Galaxies
poster talk
Durham, UK
Distant Galaxies from the Far South
Bariloche, Argentina
The ISM as a window onto galaxy evolution - Symposium EWASS18
Durham, UK
CANDELS: The art of measuring physical parameters in galaxies
Riverside, US
Lorentz Center workshop on Photometric Redshifts)
Leiden, The Netherlands
IAU Symposium 341: Challenges in Panchromatic Galaxy Modelling
Osaka, Japan
IAU Symposium 356: Nuclear Activity in Galaxies across Cosmic Time
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Supervision of students:

  • 2017 : Supervision of the Bachelor Thesis of Auke Bruinsman.
    Topic: radio jets of a nearby AGN.

  • 2018 : Supervision of the Bachelor Thesis of Danker Roozemond.
    Topic: The AGN contribution to sub-millimeter galaxies.


  • 2016 - 2017: Galaxies: Structure and Dynamics
    Teaching Assistant of Rychard Bouwens' lecture on Galaxies at Leiden Observatory in the Fall 2016.

  • 2013 - 2014: Physics Laboratory
    Tutor of the Physics laboratory for Bachelor students at Heidelberg University. Topic: Electrodynamics.

Short Biograpy

  • Sept 2019 - :
    ESO Postdoctoral Fellow
    (ESO Garching, Germany)
  • Nov 2014 - Jan 2019:
    Ph.D. researcher in Astronomy
    (Leiden Observatory, the Netherlands)
    Thesis : The Colours of the Extreme Universe
    Supervisor: Dr. Jacqueline Hodge, Prof. Huub Röttgering

  • June - Sept 2014:
    Short-term Research Project
    (MPIA, Germany)
    Project: The origin of obscuration in Dust-Obscured Galaxies
    Supervisor: Dr. Joseph Hennawi

  • 2012 - May 2014:
    M.Sc. in Physics
    (Heidelberg University / MPIA, Germany)
    Thesis: Classification of Obscured AGN through SED-fitting
    Supervisor: Dr. Joseph Hennawi, Dr. Elisabeta Lusso

  • 2008 - 2011:   
    B.Sc. in Physics
    (Heidelberg University / Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics,Germany)
    Thesis: The Lensed Temperature Anisotropy of the CMB
    Supervisor: Prof. Matthias Bartelmann

I grew up in Lima, the capital of Perú. Although Perú is predominantly known as an andean country, Lima is a coast city and the multifaceted home of around ten million people. Lately Lima has become very popular in the international comunity as a culinary paradise. Friendly advice: look for the closest Peruvian restaurant to your home, it's delicious!

Here, my school education took place mainly in the Peruvian-German School Alexander von Humboldt.
My undergraduate alma-mater is the University of Heidelberg, located in a beautiful city in the south of Germany of the same name.

Here, I completed the Bachelor and Master Studies in Physics, as a DAAD scholarship holder.

My research career started at the Max Plack Institute for Astronomy (MPIA), where I worked on AGN and SED-fitting. Since this period I have worked in collaboration with Joseph Hennawi (UCSB), Elisabeta Lusso (Durham Universtiy) and David Hogg (Flatiron Institute/NYU/MPIA).
I did my PhD Research at Leiden Observatory, in the Netherlands. Here I was part of the sub-mm astronomy group, led by Jacqueline Hodge, and the radio astronomy group, lead by Huub Rottgering. During my PhD I worked as well in close collaboration with Prof. Ian Smail (Durham University) and Prof. Martin Hardcastle (University of Hertfordshire).

A PDF of my CV can be found here. img

PhD Thesis

I defended my PhD thesis The Colours of the Extreme Universe on January 10, 2019.
Here you can find an electronic version of my thesis book.
Thesis Gabriela Calistro Rivera

Outreach Activities

  • COSMOamautas: Training Teachers in rural areas in Peru (2020 - )
    I am the PI of the IAU program COSMOamautas. We have been recently awarded funding from the
    IAU Office of Astronomy for Development to conduct a teacher training and outreach program in rural areas in Peru.
    Visit the project webpage for more details.

  • Club de Ciencias, Colombia (2019)
    As part of the program Club de Ciencias (Colombia), I organised and led a one-week astronomy club
    on galaxies for high-school students in Bucaramanga, Colombia, in collaboration with local
    astronomers Juan Carlos Basto Pineda and Jhonattan Pisco.
    Below you can find some pictures and a video with the activities we carried on in the astronomy club
    (courtesy of Juan Carlos Basto).

  • Discovery Club, Universe Awareness (2018):
    Organized astronomy activities to groups of children that live in refugee centers in the Netherlands,
    with the aim to use astronomy to inspire, educate and entertain them.

  • Mohlo Ababa (2019)
    Contributed with the development of the curriculum for the Mohlo Ababa project in South Africa.

  • Teacher Training in Ethiopia (2019)
    Contributed to the school-teachers training and outreach activities organized under the IAU Symposium 356 in Ethiopia