Gianluca Chiozzi



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European Southern Observatory
Karl-Schwarzschildstraße 2,
D-85748 Garching bei München, Germany.

I work at the European Southern Observatory (ESO).

I am Senior Software Engineer in the Control and Instrumentation Software Department, working for our new E-ELT telescope and for other projects.

My main area of expertise is the development of control systems for telescopes and their instrumentation. I have given an important contribution to all major ESO projects in the last 20+ years.

This expertise can be successfully applied to any complex control system and covers, from the technical point of view, requirements management, architecture and design, system modeling, distributed systems and several other modern software engineering technologies.

I have been successfully managing development teams since year 2000, in an international and geographically distributed context. I am a very good team builder and I have excellent communication skills.

From 2007 to 2013 I have been Head of the Control and Instrumentation Software Department, providing line management to ~ 20 software engineers, but I have decided to go back to active project work, at least for some time.

From 1999 to 2007, I have been mainly involved in the ALMA project, where I was responsible for the ALMA Common Software architecture and development, coordinating a team of about 10 people distributed in various sites in Europe, North America and Japan. ACS is the software middleware infrastructure for the ALMA project and is used also by other projects inside ESO and in other institutes. I also contributed to the overall ALMA architecture.

Before ALMA I have been heavily involved for about 6 years in the design and implementation of the VLT Common Software (CCS) and Telescope Control Software (TCS). In the CCS area I have been responsible for the design and implementation of the object oriented class libraries and APIs. In the TCS domain I have been responsible for the high level object oriented architecture and for the implementation of a number of subsystems in the control software for the VLT Unit Telescopes and for the VLTI Auxiliary Telescopes. For a couple of years, before switching to the ALMA project, I have been responsible for the coordination of the TCS team

An important part of my work at ESO in these years has been the introduction of Object Oriented methodologies and important contributions in the definition of the software engineering practices and standards both for the VLT and ALMA projects.

I often collaborate with other projects in the domains of astronomical or large experimental physics machines, for example participating in reviews or providing consultancy, and organizing conferences.

Before coming at ESO in 1994, I have worked at the IBM Scientific and Technological Research Center in Milano (Italy). At IBM, I have worked on recognition systems for maps and technical drawings and on the development of effective user interfaces for utility management systems (like electrical or railways networks).

My education as a physicist (I have done active research in plasma physics, nuclear fusion) allows me to understand very well the needs of scientists, our "customers".

My main interest is on observatory-level software infrastructures, real-time control systems and on the application of Model Based Software/system Engineering techniques to design and development of real-time applications.

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