Magnetic activity and the formation of stars and planets

News & Research

Welcome to my homepage! You'll find an overview of the research that I am doing, as well as research from other groups that has grabbed my attention [much more research content coming soon...]. I work with some fun and very active graduate students here at ESO, you can find a little more about them here too - as well a very brief summary of my career to date.

Press Release (Sep 2015)

First hint of a planet around a very young star!

Recent Results

Mapping the surfaces of stars

The power of astrotomography.

Losing Your Magnetic Field

If "you" are a pre-main sequence intermediate mass (1.5-4Msun) star.

Group & Visitors

PhD students

  • Julian David Alvarado Gomez: (IMPRS/ESO/LMU, final year)
  • Expert in the characterisation of magnetic activity and the coronae of slowly rotating (solar-type) and planet-hosting stars. Experience in the tomographic technique of Zeeman Doppler Imaging and modelling coronae and space weather in stellar systems using the 3D MHD BATS-R-US codes, part of the Space Weather Modeling Framework.

  • Logithan Kulenthirarajah: (Home Inst: IRAP/OMP, France, first year)
  • Characterising the spectra of M dwarfs in the optical and NIR and studying the effects of strong magnetic fields.

  • Alexis Lavail: (Home Inst: Uppsala, Sweden, second year)
  • Member of the CRIRES upgrade team. Experienced in reducing NIR high resolution spectra and currently measuring the magnetic field strengths in young (T Tauri) stars over a wide range of masses.

  • Belinda Nicholson: (Home Inst: USQ, Australia, second year)
  • Experienced in modelling the coronae of planet-hosting cool stars and currently mapping magnetic fields in young pre-main sequence stars using HARPS spectropolarimetric data.

    Masters/postgraduate students

  • Celine Dupont: (Home Inst: DTU, Denmark)
  • Eliana Amado Gomez: (Home Inst: LMU, Germany)
  • Visiting Faculty (2015/2016)

  • Stephen Marsden: (USQ, Australia) Nov 2015 & Feb 2016
  • Leslie Hebb: (Hobart & William Smith, USA) Summer 2016
  • CV

    Current positions, duties & roles

    2014-19 IDEX Chaire, IRAP/OMP, Toulouse, FR
    2007- ESO Astronomer, Garching, DE

    Since 2015: Deputy Head of the Office for Science, Garching
    Since 2007: Observing Programmes Office Astronomer & Editor of the Call for Proposals
    Since 2007: ESO Survey Team Member

    Past Experience

    2005-07 Research Fellow at St Andrews, UK
    2003-05 ESA Research Fellow, NL
    2000-03 Harvard Smithsonian CfA Fellow, USA
    1999-00 Postdoctoral assistant at St Andrews, UK
    1995-99 PhD in Astronomy at Univ. St Andrews, UK
    1992-95 BSc in Astronomy & Physics at UCL, UK