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Astronet - 23-25 January 2007

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DSC_1372 DSC_1373 DSC_1378 DSC_1380
The Press Conference
Meeting the journalists
The lunch is certainly welcome
That's a good one!
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Good food, good friends, nice discussions, what do we need more?
Appreciating the lunch...
Making a point...
We are preparing the next 20 years, aren't we?
DSC_1389 DSC_1391 DSC_1392 DSC_1393
Discussing drop-outs and overlaps
The audience is very involved
Listening carefully to the questions
Rob Kennicutt and Tim de Zeeuw
DSC_1395 DSC_1404 DSC_1410 DSC_1413
Jacqueline Bergeron, Thérèse Encrenaz and Rob Kennicutt
Trying to make the group photo
Signing the poster for Anne-Marie Lagrange
The list grows
DSC_1414 DSC_1416 DSC_1417 DSC_1418
... and grows
Perhaps the largest getting-well card ever made?
Did you sign?
Claess Fransson
DSC_1420 DSC_1422 DSC_1423 DSC_1424
Rob Kennicutt
Rafael Rebolo
Thérèse Encrenaz
To solve all these problems, some head scratching is required!

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