Writing and communicating your science

I have developed a series of lectures on how to write scientific papers and how to communicate your science, whether to other scientists (via web sites, talks and posters) and the general public. These lectures have been very well received by students and are ideal for last year Master students or early PhD students. The series is ideally done in 5 sessions of 2 hours, spread over one week, but other formats can be considered - for example, doing something longer with more exercises, or condensing the whole series in two days of five hours each.

A shorter version is also possible - and likely extremely useful - for more advanced PhD students and for post-docs.

Hundred percent of all students attending the course said that they recommend this course to other students.

"This is the starting package
that every scientist needs."

Here are some quotes from students who attended the course:

If you are interested in hosting me to give these lectures to your students and postdocs, please be in touch.

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