ESO Micro Workshop to coordinate a
groundbased observing campaign of
comet 9P/Tempel 1

ESO headquarters Garching, Saturday/Sunday Feb. 14/15 2004






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Results of Workshop

Photographs of the Participants, second day (click on photos for enlargement)

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Link to the Presentations

Goals of Workshop

  1. to update the community on the status of the mission and the science goals

  2. we want to discuss the key ground support observations that we willl need at various wavelengths at the time of encounter

  3. to begin dicussions on the unique capabilities of ESO facilities to participate in the Deep Impact science

  4. to form collaborations and begin the intial work for writing a key project proposal for both the pre-impact science (the comet is visible Nov 2004 through impact) and the encounter science

Background information


Please consult the local-information

Important: this is an informal workshop, so special “rules” apply; please read the local info document carefully

Registration, Registration Form

You are urgently requested to fill in this form to allow us to plan for transport, food, drinks, coffee etc.

Registered Participants

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Audio-visual equipment

There is a dedicated PC with the latest XP/windows and Open-Office versions connected to high quality projection;
you are invited to bring your contribution on CD or USB-memstick

Internet etc.

We will set up a few PCs with connections


Support by ESO in house agency from Mo 8h00 – Friday 16h00
weekend: hotline of Carlson wagon-lit (see local info)

Secreterial support

Christina Stoffer

tel. +49 89 3200 6229 fax. +49 89 320 2362

Dr. Hans Ulrich Käufl

Dr. Karen Meech

Infrared Instrumentation Department

Institute for Astronomy

European Southern Observatory

University of Hawaii

Karl Schwarzschildstr. 2

2680 Woodlawn Drive

D-85748 Garching b. München

Honolulu, HI 96822, USA

Tel + 49 89 3200 6414

Tel +1 808 956 6828

Fax: + 49 89 320 2362

Fax +1 808 988-2790

status: Feb. 24 -2004
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