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Instructions for Authors

Proceedings of the VUB/ESO Workshop on

Deep Impact as a World Observatory Event - Synergies in Space, Time, and Wavelength

held in Brussels, Belgium, August 7-10 2006

Instructions for Authors

Contributions are due by Oct. 30, 2006

The conference proceedings will be edited by Hans Ulrich Käufl and Chris Sterken. They will be published in the Springer-Verlag series ESO Astrophysics Symposia".

Obtaining the LaTeX macros:

Contributions must be formatted with LaTeX using the macro package which is available from the ESO ftp host at:


If you retrieve these files via a Web browser, please note that you need to use the browser's "Save As..." facility. Both files are identical as to their contents. Please note, that we are recommending to use a slightly modified sample file (click here).

If you are not using a Web browser to obtain the files, please do the following:

  ftp ftp.eso.org
  Name: anonymous
  Password: your e-mail address
  cd /pub/esoproceedings/
  mget eso-proc.tar.gz  

Preparing your contribution:

Within the zip/gz-archives, you'll find various documents in .pdf-format containing detailed instructions for authors.

The file author.tex contains a sample contribution, which can be used as a template for your own text.

Figures must be provided as Encapsulated PostScript files and should be incorporated in your contribution using the standard Latex2e "graphicx" package as demonstrated in the demo file author.tex.

Please use the following naming convention for your files: The Latex file of your text should be called myname.tex, where "myname" (all in lower-case) is the family name of the first author. Any figures should be named "mynameF1.ps" (or .eps), "mynameF2a.ps" etc, for figure 1, figure 2a, etc.

It is planned to have an object and subject index to the proceedings. Therefore we would appreciate if the authors could make key word suggestions for the subject index in the form of a LATEX comment at the beginning of their text contribution.

Please note the following important constraints:


Page limits:

The page limits are:
Invited talks:    up to 12 pages 
Contributed talks:    up to 6 pages 
Poster papers:    up to 4 pages 

Please try to observe these limits. It is anticipated that some editorial overview will be exercised and authors may be requested to make changes to their papers.

Colour illustrations:

Due to the high cost of printing colour plates, only a very limited number of colour illustrations will be accepted, and only if there is a strong scientific justification.

Submitting your contribution:

Please submit the LaTeX source file of your contribution, and  PostScript/PDF files of any figures, via email (!!!) to Iris Bronnert ( ibronner@eso.org). In case of large figures it would be adviseable to send the figures as separate messages. Finally, let the editors know that the files are there, by sending a short message to Ulli Käufl (hukaufl@eso.org).

Comments: For proper linking to abstract servers and an early availabilty of the contributions authors are encouraged to publish their contribution upon submission under astro-ph with the reference to the proceedings volume such as: to appear in the proceedings of "Deep Impact as a World Observatory Event - Synergies in Space, Time", ed. Hans Ulrich Käufl and Chris Sterken, Springer

The deadline for receipt of manuscripts is Oct. 30 2006

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