• Jérémy Fensch
  • Astrophysics Researcher

  • ESO Fellow

About me

My name is Jérémy Fensch. I am a Research Fellow at ESO in Garching.

My research focuses on galaxy collisions and induced formation of stars, star clusters and tidal dwarf galaxies. I am also interested in the evolution of globular clusters and the evolution of galactic structures with redshift.

To this purpose, I run and study numerical simulations, using the AMR code RAMSES. I am using the super-calculator CURIE under PRACE and GENCI allocations.

I am also involved in observational projects and use data from the VLT (FORS and MUSE) and the Hubble Space Telescope.



Selected Papers

  • The ultra-diffuse galaxy NGC 1052-DF2 with MUSE: II. The population of DF2: stars, clusters and planetary nebulae
  • Fensch J., van der Burg, R. F. J.; Jerabkova, T., Emsellem, E., Zanella, A., Agnello, A., Hilker, M., Mueller, O., Rejkuba, M., Duc, P.-A. Durrell, P., Habas, R., Lim, S., Marleau, F. R.; Peng, E. and Sanchez Janssen, R.
    2019, accepted for publication in A&A
    arXiv: 1812.07346

  • High-redshift major mergers weakly enhance star formation.
  • Fensch J., Renaud F., Bournaud F., Duc P.-A., Agertz O., Amram P., Combes F., Di Matteo P., Elmegreen B., Emsellem E., Jog C. J., Perret V., Struck C. & Teyssier R.
    2017, MNRAS, 465, 1943
    Simulation videos


    Research experience

    ESO Fellow, 3 years
    ESO-Garching, Germany


    PhD Student, 3 years
    Université Denis Diderot, Paris 7
    CEA-Saclay, France
    Thesis Manuscript


    Research assistant, 4 months
    ESO-Santiago, Chile



    Instructor, 2 years, total teaching time 123h
    1st year level: Statistical Methods
    2nd year level: Electrokinetics, Waves and Vibrations
    Université Denis Diderot, Paris 7



    Part iii of the Mathematical Tripos
    Master of Advanced Studies in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics.
    University of Cambridge, UK
    Passed with distinction


    Diplôme d'ingénieur (French engineering degree)
    École polytechnique , Palaiseau, France