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  • Spectrum of bright planetary nebulae in NGC 5128 (Centaurus-A)

    Long slit spectra of 5 planetary nebulae, catlogued by Hui et al (ApJS, 88, 423, 1993), were observed with the ESO 3.6m telescope and EFOSC. The long slit spectrum represents 9.3 hours of integration and shows prominent emission lines of [O III]4959,5007A from three PN in NGC 5128. The extracted spectra of the PN are entirely typical of a Galactic PN.

  • High resolution combination of WFPC2 images of Orion nebula

    Fifteen archive images in four filters ([O III], H-alpha, [N II] and narrow V) of the core of the Orion nebula (NGC 1976) (see O'Dell & Wong, AJ, 111, 846, 1996) were combined using the drizzle tecnique of image combination to produce a mosaic with a resolution of 0.1'' over the whole field. The images are available on request only (FITS files 100Mbyte each).

  • WFPC2 H-alpha+[N II] image to NE of SN1987A in LMC

    This image was taken as part of a continuing HST parallel programme to study nebular morphology and star formation processes in the Magellanic Clouds. Narrow band (for line emission) and broad band (for stars) images are taken with WFPC2 in parallel with scientifically unrelated primary observations in the LMC and SMC. Reprint

  • H band polarization map of Eta Carinae with ADONIS

    A map of the polarization of the SE lobe of the Homunculus nebula around the massive star Eta Carinae and a contour map of the polarization vectors over the full nebula. The maps were made with the polarizer and an H band filter with the Adonis adaptive optics instrument on the ESO 3.6m telescope. North is at the top, east to the left, and the percent polarization values are 0 to 30%; t he raw images are saturated on Eta Carinae itself.

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