Diffuse Light in Galaxy Clusters

Poster List


JD2 - Title of the poster papers and authors (19.07.09)

  1. ABS N. 123: Eduardo Cypriano et al. “Shrinking of cluster ellipticals: a tidal stripping explanation and implications for the intracluster light”
  2. ABS N. 210: Marcelo Bryrro Ribeiro “ Differential density statistics of the galaxy distribution and the luminosity function”
  3. ABS N.450: Margarita Rosado et al. “ Diffuse light in the Seyfert’s Sextet”
  4. ABS N.855: Tibério Borges Vale et al. “ Environmental effects on the structure of galaxy discs”
  5. ABS N.992: Cristina Furlanetto et al. “Detection of gravitational arcs in galaxy clusters”
  6. ABS N.1877: Walter Augusto Santos et al. “ Photometric redshifts for SDSS galaxies using locally weighted regression”
  7. ABS N.1951: Julio Saucedo et al. “ A study of the galaxy population in the region of A1781”
  8. ABS N. 1962: Yasuhiro Hashimoto et al. “ Multi-wavelength study of cluster morphology and its implications on the scaling relations , mass estimate, large scale structure, and evolution of galaxies”.
  9. ABS N. 2076: Steven Michael Crawford et al. “ The evolution of cluster galaxies and the diffuse intracluster light”
  10. ABS N. 2341: Simon Nicholas Kemp et al. “ From cDs to diffuse structures: faint light in galaxies using Schmidt and CCD data”
  11. ABS N. 2728: Mangala Sharma et al. “ Tracing galaxy group dynamical histories through diffuse intergalactic light”
  12. ABS N. 2947: Sadanori Okamura et al. “ Observation of intracluster diffuse light in the Coma cluster”
  13. ABS N. 2990: Roderik Overzier “ Examining the Spiderweb: forming a BCG and its intra-cluster light at z=2 ”
  14. ABS N. 3002: Nieves Castro-Rodriguez et al. “ Intracluster light in the Virgo cluster: large scale distribution”

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