Michael Hilker Research

Since September 2006 I am a staff astronomer at the European Southern Observatory (ESO). As a User Support Astronomer I take care of the observational programmes that will be carried out with the instruments VIMOS and CRIRES at Paranal observatory.
Between May 2001 and August 2006 I was a research assistant at the Sternwarte (Observatory) of the University of Bonn. About half of my time I spent in teaching astronomy courses at Bonn University and in supervising undergraduate and graduate students. The other half of my time
I follow the research lines as listed below. Between April 2002 and December 2005 I was instructor in the Graduiertenkolleg about ``Galaxy Groups as Laboartories for Baryonic and Dark Matter''.
Before my position in Bonn I have been working as a post-doc in the department of astronomy and astrophysics of the Universidad Católica in Santiago de Chile. My position there was granted by FONDECYT (CONICYT) and my supervisor was Prof. Dr. L. Infante.
My PhD thesis In February 1998 I completed my PhD thesis at the Sternwarte Bonn in February 1998. The subject of my thesis is: ``The center of the Fornax cluster: dwarf galaxies, cD halo, and globular clusters'', supervised by Prof. Dr. Tom Richtler. If you are interested in my PhD thesis use this link. During my PhD research I was partly involved in the Graduiertenkolleg about ``The Magellanic System and Other Dwarf Galaxies''.

Research Topics

  • Dwarf galaxy populations in the center of galaxy clusters and their relation to extraordinary rich globular cluster systems and cD halos (especially I am working on the Virgo, Hydra I, Centaurus and the Fornax Cluster) [collaborators: S. Mieske, L. Infante, C. Mendez de Oliveira, T. Richtler, G, Hau]

  • The nature of dwarf galaxies - internal kinematics and abundances [collaborators: B. Miller, H. Ferguson, M. Kissler-Patig, J. Lotz, T. Puzia]

  • Ultra compact dwarf galaxies in the Fornax and Virgo cluster [collaborators: M. Drinkwater, E. Evstigneeva, M. Gregg, K. Bekki, B. Jones, S. Phillipps, S. Mieske, L. Infante, A. Jordan, T. Puzia, G. Bono]

  • Globular Cluster Systems of early-type galaxies and merger remnants (Fornax Cluster, NGC 720, NGC 5018, NGC 3115, NGC 5846, NGC 7192) [collaborators: M. Kissler-Patig, B. Dirsch, P. Goudfrooij, M. Hempel, D. Minitti, T. Puzia, T. Richtler]

  • Surface brightness fluctuations of early-type dwarf galaxies inj nearby galaxy clusters [collaborators: S. Mieske, L. Infante]

  • The Magellanic type irregular NGC 1427A in the Fornax cluster and old gobular clusters in dwarf irregulars [collaborators: J. Chaname, I. Georgiev, S. Mieske, W. Walsh, M. Drinkwater, M. Gregg, L. Infante, A. Reisenegger, T. Puzia]

  • CCD Strömgren photometry in globular clusters of the Magellanic Clouds (my diploma thesis was about the Cepheid rich globular cluster NGC 1866) [collaborators: T. Richtler, B. Dirsch]

  • The star formation and enrichment history of omega Centauri and other Galactic globular clusters [collaborators: T. Richtler, A. Kayser, P. Willemsen, G. Bono]

  • Testing gravitational theories with outer Galactic globular clusters [collaborators: H. Baumgardt, E. Grebel, P. Kroupa, K. Jordi]

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