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A red giant sheds its skin (2018)

Understanding How Stars Die (2018)

VLTI Revisits the Largest Yellow Hypergiant Ever Discovered (2017)

Chronicle of a Death Foretold (2007)


Publications (link to ADS)

Articles on fundamental parameters and atmospheres of red giants and supergiants:

Wittkowski, M., Abellan, F. J., Arroyo-Torres, B., Chiavassa, A., Guirado, J. C., Marcaide, J. M., Alberdi, A., de Wit, W. J., Hofmann, K.-H., Meilland, A., Millour, F., Mohamed, S., Sanchez-Bermudez, J., 2017, A&A,  606, L1:
Multi-epoch VLTI-PIONIER imaging of the supergiant V766 Cen.

Wittkowski, M., Arroyo-Torres, B., Marcaide, M., Abellan, F. J., Chiavassa, A. and Guirado, J. C., 2017, A&A,  597, A9: VLTI/AMBER spectro-interferometry of the late-type supergiants V766 Cen (=HR 5171 A), σ Oph, BM Sco, and HD 206859.

Wittkowski, M., Hauschildt, P. H., Arroyo-Torres, B., & Marcaide, J. M. 2012, A&A,  540, L12: Fundamental properties and atmospheric structure of the red supergiant VY Canis Majoris based on VLTI/AMBER spectro-interferometry.

Wittkowski, M., Aufdenberg, J. P., Driebe, T., Roccatagliata, V., Szeifert, T., & Wolff, B. 2006, A&A, 460, 855-864 : Tests of stellar model atmospheres by optical interferometry IV: VINCI interferometry and UVES spectroscopy of Menkar.

Wittkowski, M., Hummel, C.A., Aufdenberg, J. P., & Roccatagliata, V. 2006, A&A, 460, 843-854: Tests of stellar model atmospheres by optical interferometry III: NPOI and VINCI interferometry of the M0 giant  gamma Sge covering 0.5-2.2 mu.

Wittkowski, M., Aufdenberg, J. P., & Kervella, P. 2004, A&A 413, 711-723: Tests of stellar model atmospheres by optical interferometry: VLTI/VINCI limb-darkening measurements of the M4 giant Psi Phe.

Wittkowski, M., Hummel, C. A., Johnston, K. J., Mozurkewich, D., Hajian, A. R., & White, N. M. 2001, A&A 377, 981-993: Direct multi-wavelength limb-darkening measurements of three late-type giants with the Navy Prototype Optical Interferometer.

Wittkowski, M., Langer, N., & Weigelt, G. 1998, A&A,  340, L39-L42: Diffraction-limited speckle-masking interferometry of the red supergiant VY CMa..

Articles on atmospheres, circumstellar environments and mass loss of AGB stars:

Wittkowski, M., Hofmann, K.-H., Hoefner, S., Le Bouquin, J. B., Nowotny, W., Paladini, C., Young, J., Berger, J.-P., Brunner, M., de Gregorio-Monsalvo, I., Eriksson, K., Hron, J., Humphreys, E. M. L., Lindqvist, M., Maercker, M., Mohamed, S., Olofsson, H., Ramstedt, S., Weigelt, G., 2017, A&A,  601, A3: Aperture synthesis imaging of the carbon AGB star R Sculptoris. Detection of a complex structure and a dominating spot on the stellar disk.

Wittkowski, M., Chiavassa, A., Freytag, B., Scholz, M., Hoefner, S., Karovicova, I., & Whitelock, P. A.. 2016, A&A,  587, A12: Near-infrared spectro-interferometry of Mira variables and comparisons to 1D dynamic model atmospheres and 3D convection simulations.

Wittkowski, M., Boboltz, D. A., Ireland, M., Karovicova, I., Ohnaka, K., Scholz, M., van Wyk, F., Whitelock, P., Wood, P. R., & Scholz, M. 2011, A&A,  532, L7: Inhomogeneities in molecular layers of Mira atmospheres.

Wittkowski, M., Boboltz, D. A., Driebe, T., Le Bouquin, J.-B., Millour, F., Ohnaka, K., & Scholz, M. 2008, A&A,  479, L21-L24: J, H, K spectro-interferometry of the Mira variable S Orionis.

Wittkowski, M., Boboltz, D. A., Ohnaka, K., Driebe, T., & Scholz, M. 2007, A&A, 470, 191-210: The Mira variable S Orionis: relationships between the photosphere, molecular layer, dust shell, and SiO maser shell at 4 epochs.

Articles on AGN:

Weigelt, G., Wittkowski, M., Balega, Y. Y., Beckert, T., Duschl, W. J., Hofmann, K.-H., Men'shchikov, A. B., & Schertl, D. 2004, A&A, 425, 77-87: Diffraction-limited bispectrum speckle interferometry of the nuclear region of the Seyfert Galaxy NGC 1068 in the H and K' bands

Wittkowski, M., Kervella, P., Arsenault, R., Paresce, F., Beckert, T, & Weigelt, G. 2004, A&A, 418, L39-L42: VLTI/VINCI observations of the nucleus of NGC 1068 using the adaptive optics system MACAO.

Wittkowski, M., Balega, Y., Beckert, T., Duschl, W. J., Hofmann, K.-H., & Weigelt, G. 1998, A&A 329, L45-L48:
Diffraction-limited 76 mas speckle masking  observations of the core of NGC 1068 with the SAO 6 m telescope.

Articles on the VLT Interferometer:

Wittkowski, M., Ballester, P., Bonneau, D., Chelli, A., Chesneau, O., Cruzalebes, P., Duvert, G., Hummel, C., Lafrasse, S., Mella, G., Melnick, J., Merand, A., Mourard, D., Percheron, I., Sacuto, S., Shabun, K., Stefl, S., Vinther, J. 2011, The Messenger, 145, 7-9:
CalVin 3 - A New Release of the ESO Calibrator Selection Tool for the VLT Interferometer

Wittkowski, M., & Testi, L. 2010, The Messenger, 140, 53-56:
Report on the ESO Workshop The Origin and Fate of the Sun: Evolution of Solar-mass Stars Observed with High Angular Resolution

Wittkowski, M. 2006, VLTI School proceedings: MIDI and AMBER from the user's point of view.

Wittkowski, M., Comerón, F., Glindemann, A., Hummel, C., Morel, S., Percheron, I., Petr-Gotzens, M., & Schöller, M. 2005,
The Messenger, 119, 14-17: Observing with the ESO VLT Interferometer.

Wittkowski, M., Paresce, F., Chesneau, O., Kervella, P., Meilland, A., Meisenheimer, K., & Ohnaka, K. 2005, The Messenger, 119, 36-42: Recent Astrophysical Results from the VLTI.

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