Astronomical Observatory Sites by Latitude and Longitude

View maps and satellite images of all major astronomical observatories on Earth!

Enter the desired location in the fields below (defaults for coordinates are North latitude and East longitude) or pick one observatory site from the pull-down menus. Then click on "Google Maps".

Latitude  e.g. N 18 20 36.6
Longitude  e.g. W 66 45 11.11
Altitude  meters above sea level
Web site
Some of the coordinates are reproduced from The Astronomical Almanac Online
and produced by the U.S. Naval Observatory and H.M. Nautical Almanac Office.

KML output

Additional resources:
  • NEW World map of astronomical observatory sites.
  • KML file to load into the Google Earth browser.
  • View the complete list of astronomical observatories on Google Maps.
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