2000 OF8

We observed 2000 OF8 using the ESO/MPI 2.2m telescope on La Silla. On a series of R and V exposures, the object  appears as slightly diffuse (1.7" FWHM, compared to 1.3 for the field stars), with a 3-4" coma pointing toward the N-E direction, indicating a cometary nature. The elongated coma is detected on the individual exposures, and is clearly visible on a 30min stack. A radial profile of the N-E quadrant reveals a light excess with respect to the PSF on the 0.5-4" radius range.

C.Delahodde and O.Hainaut, 2000-aug-29.

Figure 1:  a 30min composite of 3 frames centered on 2000 OF8. North is up, East is left. The field is 50" across. The greyscale is logarithmic.

Figure 2: radial profile of the object. The triangles correspond to the average profile in the NE quadrant, where the coma is most visible; the squares are from the SW quadrant. The dots correspond to the profile of a field star. X scale is in log(arcsec), Y in arbitrary magnitudes/pix2.

CON O. Hainaut, ESO/Chile, Casilla 19001, Santiago, Chile
CON [ohainaut@eso.org]
OBS C. E. Delahodde, O. R. Hainaut
MEA O. R. Hainaut
TEL 2.2-m  f/8  reflector + CCD
     K00O08F  C2000 08 29.00296 20 04 23.84 +12 50 49.5          18.5 R      809
     K00O08F  C2000 00 00.01387 20 04 22.93 -12 50 55.6                      809
     K00O08F  C2000 00 00.05878 20 04 19.04 -12 51 21.5                      809