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calChecker no open issues? no red exec times?
transfer, ngas; QC processing:: all green?
remaining space REST > 20%; disk score green?
Ganglia all machines up and running?

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QC shiftleader log

Use the qc_shift account on muc02 to login to any of the accounts. Edit the QC shiftleader log on stargate1: cd qc/ALL/qcshift; vi QCSHIFT.html

QC shiftleader concept

The idea of the QC shiftleader is to have a QC scientist on duty who checks that the primary QC services are up and running, for all instruments. This is motivated by the fact that some of the QC services are critical for the mission to close the QC loop with Paranal.

The goal is to check, once a day, that the technical processes are up and running, that issues found are understood, and that the proper groups at DMO are informed about issues.

If a deeper analysis is required, or a hanging process can be reanimated, there is a shiftleader account qc_shift@muc02 which can be used to login to any operational account. There is a little script 'bin/refresh_ALL_calCheckers' that you could call e.g. after a major database issue.

As the QC shiftleader, you are not required to analyse QC issues (like open analysis cases or red scores), but you have the license to do so.

Please confirm after checking that all was ok, or leave a note about issues found.

How to setup your own ssh access to qc_shift@muc02:

  • login to qc_shift@muc02
  • open .ssh/authorized_keys
  • paste your own id_dsa.pub
  • exit; in your own system: open .qcrc; alias qc_shift = 'ssh -XY qc_shift@muc02';
  • after sourcing .qcrc, you can then type 'qc_shift' to log on.