Common DFOS tools:

dfos = Data Flow Operations System, the common tool set for DFO

DFOS installation: 3. Creating ABs

[not maintained anymore]

8. install createAB

9. create the AB configuration files

The second major investment for the DFOS installation is the proper coding of the calibration cascade into configuration files, in order to create Association Blocks (ABs). These form the backbone of the DFOS system. They contain all processing and packing information for a set of files.

The association concept is explained in depth here. The AB structure is shown here. QC is using the OCA (organization, classification and association) framework.

It's a good idea to create the cascade incrementally, step by step. Start with the simplest case, usually the BIAS or DARK frames.

Having set up the OCA rules at least for BIAS or DARK frames, you are ready to launch

createAB -m CALIB -d <date>

and create your first ABs. Check them carefully. Also check the AB_list under $DFO_MON_DIR. If you have configured e.g. the BIAS products as cascade products, you should also find your first virtual calibrations in $DFO_CAL_DIR/VCAL.

10. expand the cascade into a fully operational cascade

... PRE PROCessing workflow ...
  ABbuilder; fitsreport  
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