The QC1 database

Design specifications for browser interface (expert mode, qc1_browse)

Reinhard Hanuschik

Version 1.1 (2002-10-17)

1. Purpose

This document describes the design of the web interface to the QC1 database which enables complete browsing of QC1 tables and parameters. This is called expert mode, in contrast to the browser for QC1 items which has more limited but more user-friendly capabilities.

2. Format of interface

The interface is called qc1_browse. It has:

The definition tables are divided into three parts:

This interface is created from scratch by a script which reads from the format description table (e.g. uves_bias) the relevant information into a template page.

3. Configuration columns

The format description table has the columns sort_flag and keyword_typewhich are used for user-controlled sorting of the keys. sort_flag is an integer number which can be assigned in any user-defined order. keyword_type has the three values gen/qc1/ins which are used to fill the three keywords sections:

General keywords: keyword_type gen; default choice: plot_flag = XD

QC1 keywords: keyword_type qc1; default choice: plot_flag = YD

Instrument keywords: keyword_type ins; default choices: plot_flag = F

4. Interface design

The HTML page is constructed in the following way:

1. Keyword tables : select buttons with field_name, field_type, description; selected and sorted by sort_flag.

2. Options:
Range in time: select boxes; "from" and "to"; default values should be: "from" = today minus three months, "to" = today. Format is YYYY-MM-DD.
Format options: radio buttons; ascii (default) and formatted html.

3. Launching:
buttons for "search" and "reset". Buttons "markAll" and "unmarkAll" on top.

5. Example page: uves_bias_browse.html

The example page uves_bias_browse.html illustrates the concept and the design.

The present status of the 'real-world' tool can be checked under http://arcdev/bin/qc1_cgi?action=qc1_browse_table&table=uves_bias

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Last update: Oct 17, 2002