Migration to the SL6.3 System

In preparation to the SL6.3 upgrade (to be done BEFORE the upgrade):

  1. make sure to have the most recent dfos tool versions installed; IMPORTANT: Do not install the new verisons of pet.py and utilPACK, as those tools contain new python interpreter line and will only work after the upgrade;

  2. call the updated scoreHC for all HC reports, to fix a format bug in the the score html pages (the new firefox is less tolerant)

  3. save the crontab via: crontab -l > myfile

  4. terminate firefox before the hand-over

Handover muc0X to OTS for the system upgrade.

After you get the machine back:

  1. before you initiate the crontab file again, please check for your $TMP_DIR to physically exist (by default it would disappear with a new OS!). If not, create it.
  2. run calChecker -F once, in order to be sure that the $TMP_DIR/CALCHECK/PREVIOUS folder is filled properly, otherwise the incremental calls would fail or deliver junk
  3. fgwrite.c: is used to create ancillary fits frames. On other muc machines it is available at:
    while on muc09 it is in

    export FG_WRITE=/scisoft/share/iraf/extern/fitsutil/bin.linux64/fgwrite.e
    in the .qcrc and source it.

  4. Python: in the new system python is delivered from a different place:
    was - /scisoft/bin/python or /qcdp/bin/python
    is - /opt/python/bin/python

  5. modify .esorex/esorex.rc for the new pipeline version

    NOTE, that there is only new version of the detmon recipe available -detmon-1.2.5.

  6. install the saved crontab

  7. modify the ganglia link to http://mucmp-new.hq.eso.org/ganglia/ in config.dfoMonitor
  8. in case you use the "display" application; it is available at /usr/bin/display but for some reasons the command works only if you call it like '/usr/bin/display '.
    To fix it set in e.g. ~/.pecs/misc-all.ali the line
    alias display=/usr/bin/display

  9. in case your qc scripts use gnuplot; gnuplot is no longer provided under /scisoft/bin;
    version 4.2 is under /user/bin and 4.6 is under /vlt/VLT2013/gnu/bin/

  10. in case you experience problems with scoreQC check
    echo $LANG
    if this is set to C fine; if not
    export LANG=C
    in e.g. ~/.qcrc

  11. from the experience of working with CRIRES and FORS2 on muc01 after the upgrade...
    if you have scisoft in your path be very careful; Isabelle noticed some core dumps while using /scisoft/bin/dfits; the conclusion is we should use /opt/qfits/bin/dfits ; I can confirm that in case of FORS2 it worked very well;