Maxlrain, Bavaria, 28 January 2001

The display occured at Maxlrain (47 53 53 N; 11 59 16 E), a small settlement SE of Munich (near Bad Aibling) in the afternoon of 28 January 2001. Digital photographs were taken with a Kodak DC290 with various zoom settings (some with a x1/2 wide angle converter). The peak of the display was around 15:00 CET with a Solar altitude of between 22 and 18 degrees.

The halo was distinguished by:

  1. A bright circumzenithal arc (CZA)
  2. Clearly visible supralateral arcs
  3. A bright upper tangent arc (UTA) and 22 degree halo
  4. Bright but diffuse parhelia with part of the parhelic circle interior to the 22 degree halo
  5. A faint but distinct Parry arc

Several illustrations are given here:

Note that the apparent downward stretching of the 22 degree halo in the simulation is a result of the realistic wide-angle lens projection used by HALO in this view.

Does this display show supraleteral arcs or a 46 degree halo?

Last update: 12 February 2001

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