SED model library of AGNs

Schematic view of the 2-phase AGN

Spectral energy distributions (SED) for AGN are made public available using self-consistent 2-phase AGN torus models. We assume that dust near active galactic nuclei (AGN) is distributed in a torus-like geometry, which may be described by a clumpy medium or a homogeneous disk or as a combination of the two. A schematic view of the AGN torus geometry is presented below. The dust particles considered are fluffy and have higher submillimeter emissivities than grains in the diffuse ISM. The dust–photon interaction is treated in a fully self-consistent three dimensional radiative transfer code. For detailed description see: Siebenmorgen R., Heymann F., and Efstathiou A., 2015, AA submitted

SED library

A complete set of 3600 SEDs can be downloaded as zip file HERE . SEDs are computed for AGNs at a distance of 50 Mpc. Data are listed in two columns in plain ASCII files. The first column is the wavelengths in microns, the second column is the flux in Jy.

Model grid

We consider five basic model paramters:

File notation:


SED of an AGN computed with diffuse ISM dust and fluffy grains

SED of an AGN computed with diffuse ISM dust and fluffy grains