SED model library of AGNs

Spectral energy distributions (SED) for AGN are made public available using self-consistent radiative transfer computations.

The SED are based on radiative transfer calculations with central heating sources. The central engine is approximated by a small sphere with a power law monochromatic luminosity (L_nu ~ nu^-0.7) in the wavelength range from 10 \AA to 2 microns. The dust in the galaxy consists of three components:
A recent review of the dust emission is given by Siebenmorgen et al. 2001, AA 377, 735 . Dust absorption properties and photo-evaporation of small grains is discussed by Siebenmorgen et al., 2004, AA 414, 123 . Original articles are: Siebenmorgen and Kruegel 1992, AA 259, 614 , Siebenmorgen, Kruegel, Mathis, 1992, AA 266, 501 , Siebenmorgen 1993, ApJ 408,218 . For a textbook description see "The physics of interstellar dust" by Kruegel (2003) .

We consider three basic model paramters, they are:
  • the visual extinction,
  • outer radius of the dust clouds, and
  • the total luminosity of the central heating source.

Individual SEDs listed here are for a grid of models with :
  • Visual extinction Av ranging from 1 to 128 mag,
  • Outer radii of the dust clouds ranging from 125pc to 16kpc
  • Lumiosities ranging from 10^8.25 to 10^15.25 Lsun.
A complete set of SEDs as tar file can be downloaded H E R E .
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