SED model library of starbursts and ULIRGs


Spectral energy distributions (SED) for starburst galaxies and ULIRGs are made public available using self-consistent radiative transfer computations assuming dust for the diffuse ISM (Siebenmorgen et al, 2014). In the galactic nucleus two classes of sources are distinguished: For detailed description see: Siebenmorgen and Krügel, 2007, AA 462, 445

Model grid

In the library of SED models we consider three basic model paramters and use:
  • Lumiosities from 10^10 to 10^14.7 Lsun
  • Radius of the nucleus of 350pc, 1kpc and 3kpc
  • Visual extinction 2 < Av < 150 mag.
The SEDs library contains 7111 models.


It can be downloaded as tar file from: HERE and usage is described in a README file. Part of the starburst library can also be downloaded as IDL structure.

SED fitting

SED analysis through Markov Chains is provided by Johnson et al. (2013, MN436, 2535). The SED fitting tool may input part of the starburst library as IDL structure. The tool and user manual is available at: SATMC


  • Original article on our dust model: Siebenmorgen, Voshchinikov, Bagnulo, 2014, AA 561 A82,
    Siebenmorgen and Krügel 1992, AA 259, 614 ,
    Siebenmorgen, Krügel, Mathis, 1992, AA 266, 501 ,
  • the radiative transfer model: Krügel and Siebenmorgen, 1994, AA 282, 407.
  • PAH cross section used: Siebenmorgen et al. 2001, AA 377, 735 .
  • Dust absorption properties and photo-evaporation of small grains is discussed by Siebenmorgen et al., 2004, AA 414, 123 .
  • A textbook description of the dust model and the radiative transfer is given in chapter 12 and 13 in "The physics of interstellar dust" by Krügel (2003) .
  • The starburst model and the SED library is described by Siebenmorgen and Krügel, 2007, AA 462, 445
M82 sed

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