Welcome to the ESO User Portal General Information and FAQ page.

Introduced in November 2007, the ESO User Portal is an interface connecting ESO and its users community. Within this system, account information (username, password, contact information) for all science and observations related web-based applications (e.g. WASP, the Web Application for Submitting Proposals) and standalone software (P2PP, the Phase 2 Proposal Preparation tool) is unified, and user-controllable.

This interface is the result of a large inter-division collaborative effort, that has involved all those ESO groups and departments responsible for providing operational support to the users via different web-based applications (e.g. proposal submission, preparation of Phase 2 packages, access to the ESO Archive). It is intended to make the use of ESO web applications and other software simpler, and more manageable. For instance, users now use the same username and password for all applications that require them.

And since the release of the User Portal we have released new features:

Release DateFeature
1 April 2008Principal Investigators (PIs) can access their own raw proprietary data at any time through the ESO Archive (see Delmotte (2008))
30 March 2009The Science Data Products Forum was released to the Community (see The Messenger article).
29 June 2009PIs can now access their proprietary raw and reduced data (see Delmotte (2009)). NOTE: Access to reduced data was discontinued on 01 October 2011. Instead, users are now encouraged to take advantage of the CalSelector service.
28 February 2011Owners of Phase 3 programmes can now delegate the Phase 3 rights to other ESO User Portal users.
24 March 2011Principal Investigators of ESO observing programmes can now delegate access rights to their proprietary data to other ESO User Portal users.
5 July 2012Principal Investigators of ESO observing programmes can now delegate Phase 2 preparation rights to another single ESO User Portal user (one per run).
More features will be added in the future. For further information see the questions and answers below or read The Messenger article announcing the launch of the User Portal.

Below you will find the ESO User Portal frequently asked questions (FAQ).
If you have a question or issue not covered by one or more of the FAQ please feel free to contact usd-help@eso.org

ESO User Portal Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

When do I need to use the User Portal?
You will need to use your single User Portal username and password to access all science and observations related web-based applications where logins are normally required and for the Phase 2 Proposal Preparation tool (P2PP). The former includes requesting data from the Science Archive Facility (including when you as a Principal Investigator request to retrieve your proprietary raw and reduced data (click here for the service, or here for more information)), checking the WebLetter containing the OPC and scheduling information for observing proposals, checking the status of Service Mode runs,etc.

In addition, unlike in the past, when preparing an observing proposal the User Portal username of the Principle Investigator must be supplied in the LaTeX template. Further, to be able to access the Web Application for Submission of Proposal (WASP) web page you will also need to provide User Portal credentials.

Which browser do I need to use to access the User Portal?
The ESO User Portal should in principle run under any of the newer browsers. The User Portal has been tested using the two most common browsers, Firefox (Version 2 and higher) and Internet Explorer (Version 6 and higher), on several different platforms. Problems have been reported for older browsers such as Netscape 4.78 and Netscape 6.
I have problems with the web form. Who should I contact?
In case of problems please contact the ESO User Support Department Please provide as many details as you think necessary (particularly important are the browser and platform).
The username field keeps changing the case of the letters that I type. What should I do?
The (workaround) solution is to correctly type your username, respecting the correct case of the letters, followed by a blank space at the end of it. This may seem strange, but it will end up "fooling" your browser into not "recalling" your ESO User Portal username. The blank will be stripped off in our system, and you will successfully log in. Details (including a more permanent solution) follow below.

This is not an ESO User Portal issue, but rather one related to the browser itself. The browser does not change the case, but rather finds another entry in its list of saved values for a field corresponding to the field named "username." When the User Portal was originally on-line, usernames were not case-sensitive. You may have logged in successfully then with a username with the wrong letter case. The browser saved it. Now, when looking up the username in its list of known usernames the browser fails to distinguish case, and simply takes the first entry it finds (which, unfortunately, is the wrong one). This is why adding a space at the end fools the browser.

A way to fix this permanently, in Firefox 3, is to remove the other, wrong, entry from your list of saved entries. This can be done by looking under Preferences > Security > Saved Passwords.

Is there an ESO User Portal Newsletter?
No, there is no User Portal Newsletter. ESO does produce an electronic newsletter (see http://www.eso.org/sci/enews for details, including how to subscribe), and news about the ESO User Portal will be announced there.