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Main results

The following table shows the averages (referred to and which, as mentioned above, are only approximately accurate) and the averages of the rms pressure coefficients in the NTT for and various zenith angles .

Whereas the average pressure depends strongly on the inclination of the dummy, the pressure variations are virtually independent of .

The following table shows as an example the rms values of the temporal variations of the normalized modal coefficients and of the residual rms for some measurements in which is with various zenith angles . They are for all of the same order of magnitude.

The data for defocus and astigmatism can be compared with the corresponding data from the LASEN wind tunnel experiments (fig. gif). A comparison with figure gif, where the data have to multiplied by two for defocus and about for astigmatism, shows indeed the good agreement between the two measurements.

Lorenzo Zago,, Sun Feb 26 22:57:31 GMT+0100 1995