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The MATISSE calibration scheme requires a careful match of interdependencies between raw and product calibration files. The calibration products have to be processed step by step; hence this scheme is called a calibration cascade.

A complete set of MATISSE calibrations consist of the following (each for a different setup):
  • BADPIXEL map, FLATFIELD map, NONLINEARITY map (same detector, same gain, same read speed, same DIT for the aquarius detector)
  • Observation Flatfield OBS_FLAT (same detector, same read speed, same DIT, same photometric slider, same dispersive element)
  • SHIFTMAP (same detector, same dispersive element)
  • KAPPA_MATRIX (same detector, same photometric slider, same filter, same dispersive element)
  • Astronomical Calibrator: CALIB_OIDATA_RAW and OIDATA_TF (same detector, same photometric slider, same filter, same dispersive element, same vlti setup, close in time)

A detailed desciption of MATISSE's association rules is given here.

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